Why go pro?

Comparing professional and consumer LCD panels.

Does this sound familiar? You know you need to invest in digital signage for your organization or business, but aren't sure if professional or consumer LCD panels are right for your application.

With so much choice, what may seem like a good deal at first—for example, a low-cost consumer LCD panel from your local big box store—is not a good value in the long-term if it fails to meet your needs when used in a demanding commercial environment.

Alternatively, professional LCD panels built from robust, commercial-grade components are designed for reliability and are meant for years of use and extended run times without failing. Moreover, professional LCD panels come with technical support, customer service, and full commercial warranties to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

The differences don't stop there. Let's take a closer look:

  Consumer Professional

Your needs?

  • In your home
  • TV / DVD / gaming
  • ProAV applications: meeting rooms, signage, interactive displays, etc.
  • For business or public spaces

Daily operation?

  • Shorter viewing times: 4-8 hours per day, up to a maximum of 12
  • Risk of overheating and damage from overuse
  • Longer run times, typically 15+ hours per day: Reliable long-term performance
  • High durability: Proper cooling, dust filters, brightness control, commercial-grade glass


  • Cheaper
  • Higher initial investment, but designed to perform and built to last, for a lower total cost of ownership and a positive return on your investment


  • Up to 1 year
  • Commercial use can void your warranty
  • 3 years standard
  • Covers commercial use

Service & support?

  • No on-site service
  • Extended service plans, with options such as:
    • 24/7 phone support
    • Next day exchange
    • On-site repair

Portrait and landscape mounting?

  • Operates in landscape only
  • Can operate in portrait or landscape

Touch-screen technology?

  • Not available
  • Available

Connection options?

  • Fewer connection options
  • DVD, video game inputs
  • May include USB, HDMI
  • Multiple ProAV inputs, to easily connect any source
  • RS-232 support for easy automation and control

Public display security features?

  • None—anyone can access the power and volume buttons on the unit
  • Less accessible buttons prevents tampering

Your source for professional LCD panels

For economical systems requiring high-definition image quality and long life—from standalone digital signage to nearly seamless tiled display wall systems—Christie® has the solution for you. Our comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support your visual installation.