Airbus A350

8 Christie Roadster HD10K-M digital projectors give visitors an insight into the Airbus history books and the details on its future A350 wide-body jet.
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With expertise in professional projection systems for 80+ years Christie has established a global reputation as the leading manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions.
​​​​​Our broad range of technologies include LCD and DLP® display technology, LED illumination, projectors,​ rear screen projection modules, and cutting-edge 3D, virtual reality and simulation solutions.

Christie® is recognized as one of the most innovative visual technology companies in the world. We have 12 patents, two Academy Awards and countless industry awards.

Christie is one of three licensed manufacturers to make and sell projectors featuring Texas Instruments’ (TI) Academy Award winning DLP® Cinema® technology. Christie was the first licensee of DLP Cinema technology and the first digital cinema technology to be adopted by Hollywood. We pride ourselves in being the first with a 2K digital projection solution, the first to offer 4K projection​ and the first to use TI’s Series 2 DLP Cinema® technology.

Recent technological achievements:

  • Christie GS Series
    Christie delivers its first 1DLP laser phosphor projectors with the Christie GS Series. These lampless projectors eliminate the need for lamp and filter replacements and provide an astonishing 20,000 hours of low-cost operation.
  • Christie 4DColor
    Christie 4DColor offers a new level of LCD real-color performance that doesn’t compromise projection brightness. We've added a fourth LCD to increase the color gamut by 20% while increasing brightness by nearly 10%. The inorganic alignment layers used by the LCDs greatly improve the contrast ratio, resulting in deeper blacks and enhanced color reproduction.
  • Christie Entero LED Series
    The Christie Entero LED Series is the first LED ultra-high resolution DLP display system. It is ideally suited to the needs of control room and video wall environments. Packed with industry firsts and using solid-state technology, the Christie Entero LED Series is virtually maintenance free. The innovative cooling system features three sets of redundant cooling fans to reduce any potential downtime. Innovative liquid-filled heat pipe technology provides optimal cooling for long-term reliability.