4K Projection

Christie True 4K Projectors - Digital projection’s new standard

Christie True 4K projector solutions deliver the highest resolution, highest brightness and the highest image fidelity for the most mesmerizing visuals ever.

When uncompromising image fidelity, brightness and resolution are required, you can count on Christie® True 4K projector solutions to power your most breathtaking cinematic content or your most complex 3D visualization systems. Based on advanced DLP® technology, Christie True 4K solutions represent the leading-edge in digital projection by providing the new standard for the most reliable, brightest and highest performing solutions.

Christie True 4K solutions

Whether you’re screening the most compelling films, reviewing critical data sets, completing detailed design reviews for production or entertaining thousands of people daily at theme park attractions, Christie True 4K solutions are the answer. Our projectors are the industry standard in technology, innovation and performance for today’s most demanding applications while also representing the digital projection platform of the future. ​​​

4K Digital Cinema Projector 

4K digital cinema

The Christie Solaria Series of digital cinema projectors includes 2 models that have native 4K resolution: the Christie CP4220 and the Christie CP4230. DCI compliant, these cinema projectors incorporate the award-winning design concepts of the best-selling Christie CP2000 platform with the added advantage of 4K resolution. For a premium cinematic experience that will mesmerize audiences or for post-production studios seeking to produce cutting-edge finishing services, look no further than Christie True 4K solutions.

Christie Mirage 4K projector  

4K visualization

Christie Mirage 4K projectors offer true-to-life images for all types of high-resolution 2D and 3D immersive environments. By combining the power and efficiency of Xenon® illumination with 1.2GHz input electronics, these projectors are capable of generating full 120Hz 3D operation for the brightest and highest resolution 4K DLP® ever offered. Utilizing Christie’s unique TruLife electronics and featuring support for various 3D interconnectivity formats, this new platform gives you unprecedented image fidelity, vibrant colors and smoother video. Ideal for a variety of demanding, large-format visualization applications, the Christie Mirage 4K line-up offers a 35,000 lumen model (Mirage 4K35) and a 25,000 lumen model (Mirage 4K25).

Large Format 4K Projector  

4K large-format solutions

You can be sure that you are giving your audiences the most spectacular visual experience available. Christie’s D4K2560 and D4K3560 projectors are the ideal platform to power visualizations for theme parks, planetariums, auditoriums, museums, innovative architectural spaces or any application where resolution, image fidelity and large-format performance are paramount.

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What Christie True 4K offers

  • Premium visuals – the highest resolution, highest brightness and the most natural color
  • 3D at its brightest – for the most engaging and entertaining immersive experiences
  • Christie TruLife electronics – 1.2 GHz floating point architecture for up to 120Hz operation at full 4K resolution
  • High-performance visualization – for automotive, oil and gas, theme parks and more
  • Reliability – proven long-life DLP® imaging technology with no degradation
  • Future-proof hardware – stay relevant with the increasing amount of upcoming 4K content
  • Giant screen sizes – easily shows on screens up to 105 ft wide with minimal pixel definition