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Laser knowledge center

Interested in learning more about Christie laser solutions? Explore our resources and industry links listed below. We will continue to publish more information, so come back often.

​Laser projection facts

Get the facts, debunk the myths and learn about Christie® laser projection systems by visiting our laser facts page.


Download any of our resources listed below to get an in-depth understanding of Christie laser projection, the benefits and how this new illumination platform is impacting the industry.

Cinema RGB Pure Laser Best Practices
The guidelines in this document can be used to optimize both image quality and operating costs for your Christie RGB pure laser cinema system.

Cinema laser ​projection
Laser illumination for cinema - Frequently asked questions

This FAQ will answer questions starting from what is laser and the differences in laser illumination technologies, to where Christie is placing it's value and whether it makes sense for cinema.

Cinema laser projection
Illumination options for your cinema

This illumination overview explores the reasons why, when considering a laser projection solution, RGB laser will soon become the dominant illumination technology for lighting cinema screens, provide a foundation for future technology advancements, and enhance the cinema experience.

Infographic - Solid state illumination
The technology and its position in the AV market

This infographic displays technology’s position in the market and some of the challenges the market faces with the new projection technology.

Christie laser safety
Are RGB laser projectors safe?

As the implementation of RGB laser projection systems increase, concerns over safety issues also arise. Read this tech brief and learn how Christie has implemented a series of safety features into our RGB laser projection systems that dramatically reduce the safety risks related to raw laser light.

RGB brochure
Christie RGB laser projection

RGB laser sets the stage for the next generation of large-scale visual experiences. Based on the Christie scalable illumination platform, a modular light source and featuring a fiber-coupled projection head, Christie RGB laser systems are engineered to produce unprecedented levels of brightness, color and image quality.

Rec. 2020 whitepaper
RGB laser projection – realizing Rec. 2020 color

Providing guidelines for the next generation of ultra-high definition digital displays, Rec. 2020 includes a parameter that covers expanded color performance. This whitepaper explains how RGB laser projection is the technology platform that is capable of fully utilizing this new color space.

Rec. 2020 tech brief
RGB laser projection – a more colorful space

From cinema to theme park rides and other large scale events, color is one of the most important elements for an impactful and memorable visual spectacle. It is a powerful tool in the content creator’s kit and when used correctly, it has the ability to communicate emotion, information and tone that guides and influences the audience’s reaction and connection to what they see on screen.

Christie 6P laser
Why two heads are better than one

Christie's dual-head 6P laser projector is proving to be the superior choice when it comes to 6P laser technology. Higher brightness, greater efficiency and a wide color gamut are just some of the benefits.

6P laser projection
Redefining 3D cinema

3D box office sales have been on a steep decline since 2011. Learn how dual-head, 6P laser projection is set to redefine the 3D cinema experience and help exhibitors boost premium 3D ticket sales.

Laser phosphor
Shining light on laser phosphor illumination

Laser phosphor offers several benefits, including 20,000 hours of operation, no need for lamp and filter replacements and drastically reduced down-time and maintenance.

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