RGB Laser

RGB laser projection

Producing the brightest images, the purest colors and the best 3D visual experiences, RGB laser technology represents the pinnacle of laser-illuminated projection.

Christie® RGB laser projection systems feature an innovative system architecture with a remote projection head connected to the laser light source (laser module) via a fiber optic link. Often referred to as "pure laser", RGB laser technology uses individual red, green and blue lasers to generate light.

The combination of RGB laser projection technology and Christie’s unique system design dramatically improves performance in many ways:

  • Unprecedented brightness  up to 60,000 lumens per rack
  • Flexibility  laser modules are easily added, removed, activated or disabled depending on brightness requirements so the system is highly scalable and easily upgradable
  • Stability  laser light source achieves 30,000 hours of operation to 80% brightness, reducing maintenance intervals and eliminating lamp changes
  • Redundancies  each laser module has a dedicated cooling system, offering multiple redundancies. If one laser module happens to fail, the rest of the laser modules will continue to operate with minimal loss of brightness levels.
  • White screen  uses a low-gain white screen instead of a costly silver screen, eliminating hotspots for a more uniform image and better off-angle viewing
  • Image quality  wide color gamut, 4K resolution and high frame rate (HFR) capabilities

Christie RGB laser solutions

CP4325-RGBChristie CP42LHChristie D4KLH60Christie Mirage 4KLH

4K, all-in-one cinema projector with Christie RealLaser illumination technology
The pinnacle of cinematic projection technologySetting the stage for
the next generation of visual events
4K 120Hz 3D RGB laser projection for the most immersive experience

3P laser system

6P laser system

Christie 3-Primary (3P) laser systems are engineered to produce brightness levels never before achieved by a single-head projector. Perfect for giant screens, rental staging, projection mapping, theme parks and any application where high-brightness and reliability are paramount, Christie 3P laser systems provide a flexible and robust platform for the world’s largest-scale applications.Developed primarily for 3D applications, Christie 6-Primary (6P) laser systems employ two sets of RGB laser lights – one for the left eye, and one with slightly different wavelengths for the right eye. Reusable glasses then filter out the different wavelengths and direct the light to the eye it was intended for. 3D content feels natural, is brighter and achieves DCI-compliancy for both eyes. Since the left- and right-eye images are presented simultaneously, audiences are not affected by common issues when viewing traditional 3D content such as fatigue, headaches and nausea.

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RGB laser usage best practices

The guideslines in this document can be used to optimize both image quality and operating costs for your Christie RGB pure laser cinema system.

Are RGB laser projectors safe?

As the implementation of RGB laser projection systems increase, concerns over safety issues also arise. Read this tech brief and learn how Christie has implemented a series of safety features into our RGB laser projection systems that dramatically reduce the safety risks related to raw laser light.​​​​