Confederations Cup

Three Christie Roadster S+16K, 16,000 ANSI lumens projectors and three Christie Roadster HD18K 1080 HD 18,000 ANSI lumens devices were deployed in pairs to project onto an 8m sphere, ‘floating’ at a height of 16m above the playing area.
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Rear projection

Rear projection is the best solution for control room video wall displays. It offers ultra-high resolution with superior contrast ratios and ideal brightness, with maximum flexibility for your room design.

Rear-screen projection displays allow for greater control of ambient lighting, which reduces operator eye-strain without sacrificing picture brightness and contrast ratios. With our display structures the light from the projection engine is directed onto the screen. There’s no unwanted light seepage into the control room.

Designed specifically for 24/7 control room applications, rear projection

  • Provides clear, bright images in high-ambient light environments,
  • Includes brightness uniformity control and color matching,
  • Resist image "burn-in," or image retention,
  • Has only 1 millimeter seams between screens, and built-in edge blending for seamless tiling, and
  • Delivers the widest range of viewing angles from anywhere in the room.

This proven technology comes in a wide range of sizes, resolutions and display capabilities. The built-in GPIO port gives you automated control between the projection engine and hardware devices.

Christie solutions are highly reliable, with long life and minimal maintenance.

For more information on screen-type variations, download our Understanding Optical Screen Technology Technical Guide.

The DLP advantage

Advanced DLP® technology generates ultra-high resolution images that are ideal for easy reading of maps, data, graphics and video while presenting true to life colors. In a Christie arrayed display, our ArrayLoc™ technology ensures exceptional color matching and brightness uniformity control across the entire display wall.

Christie’s team can deliver a purpose-built solution that’s tailored to your video wall display requirements.