University of Western Ontario

Recommended by Dynamix, of London, Ontario, Western University had two Christie DS+5K 3-chip DLP® SXGA+ projectors installed for a rear-projection passive stereo solution for their ground-breaking teaching 3D theatre.
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Christie TruLife electronics platform

Quantum leap in video processing.

​The Christie® TruLife electronics platform forms the basis for the latest generation of projectors capable of delivering ultra-high resolution, high frame rate video with unprecedented image fidelity. Leveraging the latest in field-programmable gate array integrated circuits and a proprietary floating point architecture, Christie TruLife supports a video-processing pipeline of up to 1.2 Gigapixels per second (GPix/s), enabling the first and only 4K DLP® at 120Hz performance.

Christie TrueLife

Exclusive design delivers lifelike visual experiences

By alleviating image blurring and motion sickness that oftentimes accompany immersive projection environments, Christie TruLife offers unrivaled lifelike visual experiences that benefit many industries and applications, including:

  • Flight simulation environments  
  • Visualization power-walls 
  • Groundbreaking theme park attractions

Speed – the hallmark of Christie TruLife

Just how powerful is the Christie TruLife electronics platform? Taking a common measurement of video-processing power, Christie TruLife scales to reach 1.2 GPix/s – which is nearly 10 times faster than standard high-definition projection and 4 times faster than typical 3D projection. This high-speed is also double what standard 4K projectors offer.

Floating point strides

Projectors with Christie TruLife’s proprietary floating-point processing engine design achieve an equivalent of 25 bits of fixed point processing – compared to the 8 to 10 bits of processing found in today’s standard projectors. The floating point processing modules are linked with the very latest in ultra high-speed serial communication links, called SerDes, and fast access memory blocks to deliver an unprecedented processing solution.

Christie TruLife also facilitates the creation of new user experiences, automated setup, increased connectivity and “smart” control features, enabling the next generation of collaborative, augmented reality and projection mapping applications.

Christie TruLife Lite

Christie TruLife Lite features the same floating-point processing and superior video processing, increased dynamic range and improved scaling as Christie TruLife but is optimized for 2K and HD sources.​