Christie Network Operations Center

The Christie NOC facility was expanded to address the ongoing growth of digital cinema and on-screen advertising opportunies. The facility now has a Large 2x4 video wall, located in a 1,750 square foot room with a total resolution of 2100 x 600 with 11.8 million pixels.
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Video walls

Christie’s video wall solutions typically utilize many rear-screen projectors collectively to produce a complete image. This technique results in a much higher pixel count - and a higher-impact image - than any single projector could produce.

There are few sights as impressive as a multi-screen video wall. The imposing appearance of these walls is eclipsed by their ability to display enormous amounts of data - an indispensable requirement for many control room applications including telecommunications, emergency operations, utilities management, process control and transportation. Because of the critical nature of these applications, choosing the right display technology is paramount.

Video wall requirements

All video wall monitoring applications require similar performance and operation properties:

  • High performance – Christie’s video wall display solutions are built with leading edge technologies, including DLP® technology and LED illumination, ensuring high reliability, excellent image reproduction and long life.
  • 24/7 reliability – Christie’s Entero LED display cubes have a 60,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) and dust-sealed light engines to protect optical components. Christie’s dual lamp line has quick failure correction with hot-swappable components for functional redundancy.
  • Purpose-built solutions for each customer’s specific needs Christie provides system configurations and sizes that are tailored to each customer’s specific design requirements. Most of Christie’s display wall configurations have less than a 1mm seam between screens.
  • Versatility – With a range of UHP lamp-based and LED-based display cubes, the option of 1DLP or 3DLP projection engines and customized display solutions, Christie offers the highest degree of versatility in the market.
  • Maintenance ease – With dust-sealed optics, 60,000 hour MTBF and no consumables to replace, Christie’s LED-illuminated display cubes are virtually maintenance-free. 
  • Superior long-life performance – Our DLP display technology and LED illumination mean Christie’s video wall display solutions have superior long-term performance and reliability.
  • Lowest cost of operation – Because there are no consumable components such as lamps, dust filters or color wheels, Christie’s zero-maintenance design has the lowest cost of operation.

Christie video wall monitoring solutions

Christie’s seamless display solutions use rear-screen projection technology in the form of display cubes and video wall controllers for monitoring applications such as: