Home entertainment worth staying in for...

Christie expands the boundaries of what is possible in home entertainment.

Whether it's Blu-ray, broadcast, gaming consoles or even DCP content,
our home entertainment solutions provide the highest-quality image, most immersive sound
and greatest user experience available.

Why Christie

No other manufacturer does digital cinema like Christie.

Christie solutions were the first to be adopted by Hollywood, have won two
academy awards, are installed in renowned theater chains such as Carmike Cinemas,
Southern Theatres, Lotte Cinema and Wanda Cinema Line and are used by A-list celebrities
and the best Premium Large Format theaters worldwide.

Christie promises you the highest quality solutions available and personalized support
and service that you won't get from any other manufacturer.
That means peace of mind for you. Based on decades of industry-leading engineering
and design, our complete home entertainment solutions integrate seamlessly,
ensuring every single component, from displays to audio to automation, work flawlessly.


Our home entertainment projection systems are based
on 1- and 3-chip DLP® technology, including 4K, high
frame rate (HFR) capabilities for the most superior image
possible. Whether you're showcasing Blu-ray, broadcast,
gaming console or even DCP content, our projectors
provide the same exceptional image quality found in
commercial theaters, at home.

We also carry a complete line-up of specialty displays for
use throughout the home, such as our award-winning
Christie MicroTiles and various large-format and
interactive LCD flat panel displays. These products will
enhance the aesthetic and functionality of any room.

Christie 4K

Christie is the pioneering force in 4K projection. We are the first projection company to:

  • Screen a full length feature film at 4K
  • Release commercial 4K high frame rate projectors at 60Hz and 120Hz
  • Install a permanent 4K laser projection system in a major theatre


Experience the chest pounding, seat shaking sound of the theater, at home.
Our audio solutions combine the crisp sonic qualities of ribbon driver technology
with the proven performance of line array speaker design - matched with
powerful Class D amplification and all-in-one processor.
This creates the highest impact, most immersive sound available today.

Offering a full range of screen channel speakers, side and ceiling surrounds
and subwoofers, Christie's audio solutions can be tailored
to any home theater and support all the leading immersive audio formats.


Your clients will have maximum control of all their home entertainment equipment
with Christie's state-of-art automation solutions.

With a simple, intuitive interface, even the novice can easily customize set-up,
playback and monitoring, ensuring flawless operation
of their home entertainment solution every time.

Service & support

When you choose Christie, your clients can rest easy.

Our Professional Services team can assist with expert design, setup and calibration of all installed products,
24/7 network monitoring, around-the-clock phone support and automatic software updates.

With our industry-leading service, support and monitoring we make sure your clients system
is expertly setup and operating flawlessly 24/7/365.