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Creative toolbox for Christie MicroTiles

What you create with Christie MicroTiles is limited only by your imagination and know-how.

It’s easy to get started 

We’ve compiled:

to help you plan your space and visualize your digital media display.

Any shape, any size

Christie® MicroTiles® can be configured in almost any shape and size. See your ideas come to life. Start with our

Creating for sustainability and green designs

Christie MicroTiles are a sustainable product. No consumables and a built-in eco-power consumption mode make Christie MicroTiles an ideal digital display choice for any building where environmental standards must be met. Learn more in our Sustainable Solution white paper.

Factoring cost into your creativity

Many of the features that make Christie MicroTiles a sustainable solution also reduce their total cost of ownership. Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your Christie MicroTiles display using our online TCO calculator

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