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Christie BlueBook 

The Solution

Inside the BlueBook, you’ll find detailed information on the solution and how it was achieved from start to finish:

  • What the client wanted
  • How the brief was met
  • The content strategy used 
  • Detailed technical information, explanation and specifications about the installation
  • Considerations, such as content production for non-standard shapes and resolution vs distance
  • Explanations of hardware decisions, content development and live data integration
  • And much more!

The Project

London Stock Exchange (LSE) is the world’s most international market for trading and listing of public equity and debt.

LSE takes pride in having the fastest trading technology platform in the world and in offering a very unique “open” to the market each day.

Comprised of 508 Christie® MicroTiles®, the Market Open Ceremony display showcases images, news, prices and more on the giant screens, offering a tailored view for companies listing on the LSE. And, throughout the day, weather, news and additional updates are streamed directly to the display.