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Total cost of ownership

An item’s total cost of ownership (TCO) incorporates the initial purchase price and implementation cost plus all the other costs associated with using or maintaining that item over its lifetime. A TCO analysis frequently reveals there can be a large difference between the initial price of something and its long-term cost.

​​​​Read on to find out how, over the course of their operational life, Christie® ​MicroTiles® will cost you less than other digital display technologies.

Christie MicroTiles offer a low total cost of ownership 

Longevity and durability

  • Christie MicroTiles LEDs are rated at 65,000 hours to half brightness – more than 7 years. 
  • Unlike LCD and laser-phosphor-based displays, Christie MicroTiles can show any static or moving content 24/7, with no chance of burn-in.
  • The lightweight MicroTiles screens are robust and durable, unlike tiled displays with glass screens that are easily broken and difficult to replace.
  • MicroTiles are reconfigurable. Their modular design means a display can be disassembled and reassembled in any shape or size and used over and over in different spaces and for different applications.

Nearly maintenance free

  • With no consumables or moving parts, no scheduled replacement or maintenance is required.

Ease of use

  • Built-in sensors allow the system to automatically match color and brightness during set-up and throughout the life of the display. No costly human intervention is required for the display to perform at its best.
  • Each tile is front accessible. Repair or replace any serviceable component in less than 15 minutes, without having to turn off your display or bring down any of the other tiles.
  • Christie MicroTiles contain only safe materials – there are no phosphors, mercury or toxic liquid coolants to manage or dispose of.

Power efficient

  • Built on DLP® technology, MicroTiles offer higher brightness than conventional display systems, and use less power to achieve the same levels of brightness.
  • You can adjust the overall brightness of a MicroTiles array to the right level for ambient light, saving on energy used and increasing product life. 

Do the math for yourself!

Use our TCO calculator

to calculate and compare the TCO of Christie MicroTiles with other digital display technologies.