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Christie MicroTiles - smart technology

Christie MicroTiles produce amazing image quality – better than anything produced by LCD, plasma or laser phosphor displays. Why? Because MicroTiles combine the strengths of both digital light processing (DLP) projection and light emitting diode (LED) technology.

​​​The DLP® advantage

DLP is reflective. Light is reflected off tiny, hinged mirrors called Digital Micro-Mirror Devices (DMDs). Each DMD reflects a single pixel in the resolution of the projected image and each DMD can be controlled separately. The space between each DMD is much smaller than with other technologies. These DMDs create an image with superior color fidelity and that’s smooth and clear.

DLP® projectors are brighter than other technologies. Almost all of the light is reflected out of the projector, making DLP projectors brighter than other technologies that tend to absorb light.

The result is small DLP projectors that can produce higher brightness using less power than much larger projectors that use other technologies.

LED Technology

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) bring durability, responsiveness and simplicity to the Christie® MicroTiles® technology.

  • LEDs turn on and reach full brightness instantly
  • LEDs have an extremely long life of 65,000 hours (almost 7 years).  
  • LED projection doesn’t need a motorized color wheel for 1-chip DLP systems. Red, green and blue LEDs can be sequenced at rates many times higher than color wheels reducing the likelihood of visible sequencing artifacts. 
  • LEDs are practically maintenance free thanks to their lack of moving and consumable parts.
  • LEDs produce a wider color gamut and more vivid color than traditional color-wheel-based technologies and color performance can be easily changed to match any application.
  • LEDs offer a wide range of brightness control and don’t need mechanical apertures to adjust brightness. 
  • LEDs self-monitor for brightness, color control and black levels ensuring consistency across the entire display.
  • LEDs are environmentally responsible. They don’t contain hazardous substances or consumable parts that need replacing. 

Christie MicroTiles owe their long lifespan, easy maintenance and automatic display self-calibration to LED technology.

Get into specifics. Read about Christie MicroTiles unique features or download the datasheet.