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The Christie advantage

When you choose Christie, you get our best.

​​​You get advanced visual display technologies

Using (digital light processing) DLP®, LCD and LED technologies, our solutions include:

  • media walls,
  • digital cinema projectors,
  • networking solutions,
  • cutting edge 3D, and
  • virtual reality and simulation solutions.

In 2009, we introduced Christie® MicroTiles® – the world’s first fully-creative, modular display solution.

Benefit from our years of expertise

We’ve been experts in professional, digital media display systems for almost 40 years. We don’t just deliver a product – we make sure you have the tools, advice and confidence to create your visual display.

We’re committed to your satisfaction

Everything we do is focused on our customers’ needs. We take our commitment to complete customer service, global quality control and total customer satisfaction very seriously.

We are where you are

Christie is a global organization with 13 offices around the world. We help our customers communicate their message, their stories and their information through digital media displays. The world’s most discerning customers choose Christie to present their vision and brand, including Disney, the BBC, Toyota, Cannes International Film Festival, ​Harrods, China Film Council and NASA. That’s good company to keep.

Learn more about Christie and our MicroTiles digital display solution.