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Features that matter

Christie MicroTiles provide the capability to capture your audience’s attention – your way, just as you envisioned it – uniting spectacular colors, superior image quality and modular flexibility like no other visual display solution can.

​​​Here are the features that set Christie® MicroTiles® apart from any other digital display technology.

Higher resolution

Christie MicroTiles have 70x more pixels than the most popular 4mm surface-mount display LEDs. The result is crisp, clear, flawless images. 


Color fidelity

Christie MicroTiles can reproduce 115% of the NTSC color gamut and exceed standard LCD flat panel color output by more than 50 percent.

That means that MicroTiles display pure, saturated and accurate colors.

“They fit seamlessly into the existing space while providing the best color matched graphics and video without any pixelation.”
The Colbert Report – Jim Fenhagen, Senior Vice President, Jack Morton, New York

Any shape, any size

MicroTiles are lightweight and shallow. They can be configured in any size, shape and orientation to form a digital canvas with barely visible, 1 millimeter seams.

See your ideas come to life, wherever, whenever and however you want.



Snap, lock and display

Christie MicroTiles are modular. They lock together quickly and easily like building blocks. In an array, the tiles automatically detect each other and display an image on the screen. If you reconfigure the tiles, they’ll still automatically recognize each other.

Long lasting reliability and durability

Christie MicroTiles are built to last.  Their LED technology is rated at 65,000 hours to have brightness – more than 7 years! – and there are no lamps or consumables to replace.

Automatic color and brightness matching

Christie MicroTiles automatically self-calibrate for color and brightness and have built-in sensors that monitor each LED’s performance. Each tile detects its neighbor and adjusts its image to optimize the overall display. This self-calibration happens at set up and continuously over the life of the display.


Virtually seamless canvas

Christie MicroTiles have an ultra-thin seam of just 1 millimeter between tiles so all your display information is visible.



Easy to service

A MicroTiles array can be serviced from the front. On average, a tile can be replaced or serviced in less than 15 minutes, without having to turn off or bring down the whole array.


External control unit

Required for each MicroTiles display, Christie MicroTiles ECUs make it easy to control, match and monitor each tile in an array to ensure a harmonious display. 

The ECU also delivers content to the array, and is compatible with all standard graphic formats, playback devices and mainstream creative and digital signage software.

Want to see how Christie MicroTiles can work in your environment?  Try the Christie MicroTiles Designer™ tool or request a demo.