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Christie MicroTiles – a green and sustainable design

Christie respects the environment and is committed to green and sustainable design. Christie MicroTiles are built with our green outlook in mind.

​​​Recognized for their green design




Christie® MicroTiles® are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant and are an ideal choice for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects, and for any building where environmental standards must be met.

Award-winning Christie MicroTiles received "Eco-Design" honors from the French Institute of Design (IFD) at the 2011 Janus awards ceremony held in Paris at the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council. 


Green features

– Christie MicroTiles are built to perform for years.

  • They have no lamps or other consumables, so there’s nothing that’s ‘used up’ and thrown away.
  • They have no moving parts that require replacement or recalibration.
  • They can show any content 24/7 with no burn-in. Their screens are lightweight, durable and robust.
  • Their LEDs are rated at 65,000 hours to half brightness – more than 7 years!

Smart energy consumption – Christie MicroTiles are energy efficient and energy saving.

  • A typical, calibrated MicroTiles array operates at 1.4 candelas per watt.
  • MicroTiles have built-in ecopower consumption modes.
  • Their adjustable brightness means you only use the wattage you need for your setting.

Reusable – Christie MicroTiles are designed for reinvention. 

  • They’re easy to disassemble and reassemble so you can use them in different configurations for different spaces and extend their useful life.

Recyclable – Christie MicroTiles are built for eventual reuse.

  • MicroTiles’ metal housing and internal components are 80% recyclable and made from 90% recoverable materials.

Safe materials – Christie MicroTiles are made with non-hazardous materials

  • They contain no phosphors, mercury, or toxic liquid coolants.

Ergonomics – Christie MicroTiles are kind to your work environment.

  • They have controlled brightness for viewing at any distance.
  • They’re cool to the touch – and don’t radiate heat, making them great for indoor use and touchscreen applications.
  • They’re quiet. An ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments.

Sustainability pays dividends

Many of the features that make Christie MicroTiles a sustainable solution also reduce their total cost of ownership when compared to other products. For instance, the outstanding reliability and easy servicing of MicroTiles translates into hard savings by reducing replacement parts, labor requirements, shipping and travel costs, and packaging materials.


Christie MicroTiles - a sustainable solution

Christie MicroTiles are a sustainable digital display solution for building design. Find out what how this technology respects the earth and why it’s good for your design. 

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