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Christie MicroTiles installations around the world are visible proof of this digital medium’s power to set the standard for display system technology.


SAS Institute, North Carolina, USA.

Christie Book of ShapesTaking care of business

Since 2009, Christie® MicroTiles® have been installed in eye-catching digital display systems worldwide. They’re hard at work in a range of demanding applications:

Our customer success stories will inspire you with new ideas for engaging, entertaining and educating your audiences.

We’ve done our homework

Christie MicroTiles are the result of years of research and hundreds of customer consultations. Now, you have the freedom to design your space without compromise:

  • Get noticed with eye-catching display shapes
  • Captivate viewers with amazing image quality  
  • Build huge displays – as big as you like and nearly seamless 
  • Be green with this sustainable digital display solution
  • Count on long-lasting and reliable technology
  • Get the right color – perfect color matching and rich, deep, true blacks
  • Lose glare and reflections – with these tiles’ matt surface
  • See your display perfectly at any distance or angle.

Delve deeper. Learn why MicroTiles are right for your organization.