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Architectural design

With their unobtrusive, modular, building-block format, Christie MicroTiles are the ideal building material for making your vision a reality. Now you have the freedom to create a digital display in any size and any shape.


​World-class technology converges with world-class facilities at the Perimeter Institute where 84 Christie® MicroTiles® are visually communicating a range of scientific messages for some of the world’s brightest minds. ​
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The Miami Dolphins view their BuzzWall

London Stock Exchange chose MicroTiles for sharp and uninterrupted broadcast activity.

The Book of Shapes

The Book of Shapes

See how we use Christie MicroTiles to form stunning digital sculptures in our own corporate lobby.

Read page 113 in The Book of Shapes.

The ultimate digital canvas to build with

Taking visual technology to a new level, Christie MicroTiles are perfect for bringing your creation to life. Brighter images, a wider color palette, higher resolution – MicroTiles’ unique qualities will enhance your space.

Engaging spaces

It’s easy to add touch interactivity to your digital design with MicroTiles. Make visitors want to linger, learn or laugh with a fun, interactive, digital experience.

Green design

With their impressively small carbon footprint, Christie MicroTiles are an ideal choice for LEED projects, and for any building where environmental standards must be met.

Built to last

Christie MicroTiles are more durable, reliable and serviceable than traditional display technologies. Over the course of their long lifetime, Christie MicroTiles will cost you less than most other display technologies.

Craft your vision

Plan, visualize and analyze entire projects that use Christie MicroTiles with programmed AutoDesk® Revit® files and MicroTiles Designer 2.0 software.

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Organizations like London Stock Exchange and Perimeter Institute are using Christie MicroTiles to create digital media displays in the most unique sizes and shapes to wow their visitors. Learn about the features and benefits of working with Christie MicroTiles and check out our customer success stories.