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Broadcast sets

In the competitive world of broadcasting, clever set design draws audiences. Christie MicroTiles give set designers the ultimate freedom to engage, entertain and inform viewers with a dynamic and functional broadcast set.


“The Colbert Report”, a satirical news and talk show on the Comedy Central network, uses Christie® MicroTiles® to further amplify the visuals on its set, as well as add video to the backdrop.   Read more


Christie MicroTiles Global Product Showcase

​Highlights of interviews with customers and industry
experts at our Christie MicroTiles Global Product

The Book of Shapes 

The Book of Shapes

See how the set of Global TV’s The Morning Show was brought to life with Christie MicroTiles.

Read page 39 in The Book of Shapes.

The ultimate digital canvas with on-camera star quality


Designed for broadcast color temperature, Christie MicroTiles maintain color depth, high contrast and high brightness at 3200K. With their ultra-high resolution images and color fidelity and saturation – especially rich, deep blacks – Christie MicroTiles’ unique qualities make them  the ultimate digital canvas for creating an eye-catching set that’s perfect for high-definition television broadcasts. 

Agile design

A Christie MicroTiles display can be as fast-m​oving and flexible as your set’s requirements. Their modular, lightweight building block format means they can be quickly reconfigured for the next set.  And MicroTiles automatically adjust brightness and color during set-up and over the lifetime of the display.

Compelling interactivity

It’s easy to add touch interactivity to your digital set design with MicroTiles. Give on-air personalities a display that literally responds to and changes with a touch to bring your audience closer to the story

A green giant

With their impressively small carbon footprint, Christie MicroTiles are an ideal choice for LEED projects, and for any building where environmental standards must be met.

Built to perform

Christie MicroTiles are more durable, reliable and serviceable than traditional display technologies. Over the course of their long lifetime, Christie MicroTiles will cost you less than most other display technologies. 

Visualize your set 

Plan, visualize and analyze entire projects that use Christie MicroTiles with programmed AutoDesk® Revit® files and MicroTiles Designer 2.0 software.

Find out more

Broadcasters like Comedy Central, Global Television, Cuatro TV, Seoul Broadcasting Station and NextRadioTV  have all adopted Christie MicroTiles for their digital broadcast set displays. Learn about the features and benefits of working with Christie MicroTiles and check out our customer success stories.