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AccessIT Signs Krikorian Premiere Theatres to Digital Cinema Deployment

MORRISTOWN, N.J., October 15, 2007 — Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. ("AccessIT") (NASDAQ:AIXD) today announced that Krikorian Premiere Theatres committed to deploy the digital cinema leader’s fully integrated and networked system.  This agreement brings the total number of screens signed to the AccessIT Deployment Plan to 3,743.

In June, 2005 AccessIT and Christie, supported by the major Hollywood studios, announced a ground-breaking agreement to install digital cinema systems on 2,500 screens across the United States.  A short time later, all parties agreed that the goal of 4,000 screens would better serve the exhibitor community.  Since then, the companies have led the digital cinema revolution providing new technology in the form of AccessIT’s Library Management ServerTM and Theatre Command CenterTM, Christie’s CP2000 DLP Cinema® projector and Doremi’s DCP2000 JPEG server, the combination of which has played close to 3.5 million shows in theatres across the country.

“As AccessIT continues discussions with studios on the development of a Phase Two digital cinema deployment, we are proud to have fulfilled our original commitment of 2,500 screens and to have come as close as we have to the 4,000 target,” said Chuck Goldwater, President of AccessIT’s Media Services Group.  “Our Phase One deployment and the 15 visionary theatre companies who have participated in it have proven the reliability and performance of the technology and more importantly the value of it to the future of the exhibition business.  We’re grateful to our distribution, exhibition and vendor partners whose commitment to digital cinema continue to make it a success.” 

Craig Sholder, Vice-President of Entertainment Solutions, Christie USA, added: "These are very exciting times as more and more leading exhibitors like Krikorian Premier Theatres recognize the enormous value-added potential of Digital Cinema systems. Krikorian audiences will enjoy top-quality screenings every time, featuring vibrant colors and razor-sharp images provided by the world-famous Christie CP2000 DLP Cinema® projector."
AccessIT Digital Cinema is the industry-leading deployment program for Digital Cinema that provides the funding, operations and administration for the company's studio-supported Phase One Digital Cinema rollout plan for up to 4,000 screens supported by major studios and independent distributors, among others -- and exhibitors who receive turnkey, Digital Cinema systems in conformance with DCI specifications, including AccessIT’s unique Library Management Server® and Theatre Command Center® software, Christie DLP Cinema® projectors and Doremi’s DCP2000 JPEG server. To date, AccessIT has contracted to install more than 3,700 systems in forty-one states and has completed the rollout of more than 3,400 screens with exhibitors including Atlas Theatres, Allen Theatres, MJR Theatres, Showplace Cinemas, Marquee Cinemas, Neighborhood Cinema Group, Celebration! Cinema, Cinema West, Cinetopia, Emagine, UltraStar, Galaxy, Rave and Carmike Cinemas and AccessIT’s own Pavilion Digital Showcase Cinema.

Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. (AccessIT) provides theater operators the first and only studio-backed fully networked digital cinema system delivering close to three and a half million digital showings of Hollywood feature films to date. The company's digital cinema system provides feature films and alternative content via satellite to expand box office sales and develop new ways to attract incremental revenues. Through its alternative content division, The Bigger Picture, AccessIT offers channels of programming including Kidtoons, Faith Based, Music and Anime.  The ongoing Phase One deployment is the largest of its kind in the world and targets up to 4,000 screens in the U>S. and Canada. Access Integrated Technologies® and AccessITTM are trademarks of Access Integrated Technologies, Inc.  For more information on AccessIT, visit [AIXD-G]

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