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Christie Brings The Future of Premium Cinema Entertainment Solutions to Asia Pacific

Beijing, China – (July 5, 2012) – Christie®, a global leader in digital cinema projection, is proud to bring the future of premium cinema entertainment solutions to Asia Pacific at its Entertainment Solutions Summit (ES Summit) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. Christie’s signature digital cinema technologies impressed more than 200 exhibitors from China and Asia Pacific with live demonstrations of 2D and 3D movie contents using Christie Duo™, a product preview of the Christie Solaria® One digital cinema projector and a demo of the Christie SKA-3D™ processor. Christie also reinforced its commitment to innovation by helping to create the standards and equipment for 3D High Frame Rate (HFR) movies and new laser-powered projection solutions. Participants were inspired by a presentation of Christie’s roadmap of laser-powered projection technology.

Presenting Christie’s latest product solutions at the event, Dr. Don Shaw, senior director, product management, Christie Entertainment Solutions, commented, “As the world advances into the technological era, consumers are becoming more sophisticated with the choice of entertainment options available in the market. Both filmmakers and exhibitors are rapidly adopting new technologies to improve the cinematic experience of the audience.” Continuing, Dr. Shaw said, “At the Christie Entertainment Solutions Summit, we presented the world’s most complete line up of entertainment solutions products to Asia Pacific exhibitors and industry partners. Participants had the exclusive opportunity to learn about Christie’s industry-leading products and technology, including 4K, HFR, and laser projectors, which are set to take the digital cinema world by storm.”

“We welcome our invited guests to witness Christie’s revolutionary cinema technology at the Great Hall of the People, our distinguished client who has benefited from Christie’s advanced technological solutions in conveying its public messages to more than 1.3 billion people in China,” said Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific. “By holding our Entertainment Solutions Summit at the Great Hall of the People, we aim to influence the technological landscape of cinemas in Asia Pacific. Following the success of today’s event, the exhibitors were impressed with our full suite of cinema technologies. The interest shown in the presentation of our laser projection technology roadmap clearly illustrates the confidence in our next generation technology. We look forward to demonstrating our laser-powered projection solutions to the exhibitors and industry partners in September 2012.”

Leading the entertainment solutions product presentation at the ES Summit was Christie Duo™, a new dual–projection integration kit that gives exhibitors the flexibility to deliver the brightest 2K or 4K movie experience in 2D or 3D on the world’s largest screens. The integration kit is the basis of a compact and convenient stacking system for 3D installations, or a choice of two innovative physical configuration that perfectly align every pixel on the screen for optimal 2D and 3D presentations. When combined with world-leading 3D systems, exhibitors can achieve 3D image brightness levels up to twice as high as what can be achieved using the current large-format market leader — at a significant overall cost saving.

Christie also presented its DCI Compliant (Digital Cinema Initiatives) integrated media block (IMB) solution with 4K and HFR capabilities at the ES Summit. The Christie IMB operates within the projector to become an integral part of the display device, creating a secure connection that can manage the high bandwidth required for HFR and 4K content without compromising image quality. Also, featuring MPEG2 and H.264 support, the Christie IMB allows end-users to display a larger variety of alternative and advertising content from the same storage device that holds the packaged cinema content.

It was clear from the product preview of the Christie Solaria® One digital cinema projector that it  will set a new level of performance and value for digital cinema technology. The Christie Solaria® One projectors are designed for reliability and packed with features – including brilliant 3D technology and high frame rate capability – that combine to deliver  amazing image quality to meet the highest demands of cinemas around the world.

Christie SKA-3D™, an audio and video processor that connects digital cinema projectors to the widest possible range of 2D and 3D alternative-content feeds, was also featured during the ES Summit. Combining the function of powerful audio and visual processing under a single product, Christie SKA-3D™ makes alternative content look and sound as spectacular as feature presentations. Exhibitors can transform the experience of moviegoers by extracting the latest, high-quality lossless audio from HDMI signals and integrating them into the cinema audio system.
As cinema multiplexes grow in screen count to accommodate their diverse audiences, managing multiple projection operations has become a real challenge for cinema operators. To meet this challenge, Christie introduced the Christie Avias-TMS™ late last year. Christie Avias-TMS™ is a Theater Management System (TMS) software application designed specifically for cinema operators to centrally manage and orchestrate all of their projection operations within a multiplex, regardless of the diverse projectors, servers or operating systems (OS) in use. The user-friendly software application is easy to install and can be accessed securely from any location through a standard Web browser, offering cinema exhibitors the ultimate freedom and flexibility to conduct theater operations from an office or home PC, tablet computer or iPad. Christie Avias-TMS™ also allows centralized scheduling of all content, devices and Key Delivery Messages (KDMs), including a drag and drop playlist to cater to rapid changes based on changing customer demands.

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