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Christie Celebrates Singapore’s 47th Birthday With Colorful Projection of Its Nation Building Journey

SINGAPORE – (August 10, 2012) – Christie® celebrated Singapore’s 47th birthday on August 9 with colorful projection at its National Day Parade (NDP), through Hexogon Solution, a major partner of the national event. The extravaganza was held at the Float@Marina Bay, a floating stadium comprising a multi-purpose mass spectator event facility and floating stage.

Four Christie Roadster HD18K and 22 Christie Roadster HD20K-J were installed on the floating platform creating a digital floor projection on the stage platform and elevating stage, synchronized with fireworks and other multimedia displays.  

“Moving away from big mounting structures used in past NDPs, this was the first time that the organizing committee used compact enclosures to mount all the projectors on a standalone single stack,” said Adrian Goh, managing director of Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd. “For this setup, we had to overcome the challenges of air flow, exhaust and cooling of the enclosure without using any large external equipment such as fans or air conditioning. We also paid extra attention to the wind load and resistance that may affect the alignment at heights of eight stories and higher.”

Goh said the weight of the enclosure – which was less than the projector – also posed image adjustment and alignment challenges. “We were particularly selective of the enclosure material used to keep it heat-proof and flame-retardant due to its close proximity to fireworks just two meters away. We are glad that we have overcome these challenges to bring forward the powerful visual display that imprinted the message of ‘Loving Singapore, Our Home’ on the minds of the Singapore population.”

With superb clarity and brightness, Christie’s signature projection technology – coupled with a palette of colors – enhanced the performances with lively visual contents of nation building, racial harmony and unity to heighten its theme of ‘Loving Singapore, Our Home.’

“We are proud to be chosen for the visual projection of the Singapore National Day Parade for three consecutive years,” said Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific. “As the population celebrated Singapore’s 47th birthday, Christie also shared the joy of the celebration through our colorful, clear and bright projection.”

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