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Christie Highlights its Commitment to High Frame Rate Technology at Cinema India Expo 2012

Mumbai, India - (July 23, 2012) - Christie®, a global leader in digital cinema projection, highlighted its commitment to the development of high frame rate (HFR) technology at Cinema India Expo 2012 with a live demo of HFR content using a standard Christie Solaria® Series digital cinema projector equipped with the Christie® IMB, an integrated media block solution that seamlessly converts and delivers feature-film and alternative content within a secure environment to all of Christie’s 2K and 4K, DCI-compliant Solaria® Series 2 projectors.

With the advent of HFR movies such as Hobbit and Avatar’s sequels expected to debut across the world, beginning in late 2012, audiences can look forward to ultra-realistic movie-going experiences as the technology delivers fast-moving images in exceptional detail, improving the quality  and smoothness of the images.  HFR technology empowers directors and cinematographers with a new medium that enhances their creative freedom with support for a wider range of action scenes and camera movements.

“Today we are proud to showcase our newly-developed suite of solutions for HFR at Cinema India Expo 2012. As a market leader in cinema technology, Christie is an early innovator to create solutions in response to the fervor of HFR from Hollywood filmmakers, directors and producers. HFR is pivotal in setting the benchmark for image quality and therefore the ultimate cinematic experience in the near future. Christie is committed to helping the industry develop the best HFR content and the best delivery systems,” said Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific.

Showcasing its latest technology at Cinema India Expo 2012, Christie will impress attendees with the quality of its  2D and 3D HFR playback at its Demo Suite, using its Christie CP2220 and Christie CP4230 digital cinema projectors  with Christie integrated media blocks. 

Speaking at the Cinema India Expo 2012 Conference, Dr. Don Shaw, senior director, product management, Christie Entertainment Solutions, explained the inherent advantages of the Christie approach, with its IMB: “Most digital projector installations use a media block in an external server that is linked by cables to the projector. This creates bandwidth limitations that have an impact on picture quality, and restrict the system’s ability to offer higher frame rates and increased pixel resolution. The Christie IMB operates within the projector, becoming an integral part of the display device. The result is a secure connection that can manage the high bandwidth required for HFR and 4K content while maintaining full colour display and terrific image quality.”

Christie’s Commitment to HFR

The two main goals of Christie’s HFR activities are to help the industry develop the best HFR content and the best delivery system for HFR content. The first goal involves assisting leading-edge filmmakers and post-production companies in perfecting HFR movie creation, so the industry has the most engaging, entertaining content possible. The second goal is to assist exhibitors in showing these 3D HFR movies in all their glory. To these ends, Christie is helping create the standards for 3D HFR movies through formal and informal technology-development alliances with major producers and directors, post production facilities, studios and technology partners. On the exhibitor’s front, Christie provides one stop shopping for all the hardware, software and services that enable exhibitors to deliver a filmmaker's vision in stunning 3D HFR quality. For more information visit

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