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Christie Illustrates "The Singapore Spirit" at the 46th National Day Parade 2011

SINGAPORE – (August 10, 2011) –  Christie®, a global leader in visual display solutions for business, entertainment and industry, is pleased to announce that 16 Christie Roadster HD 18K 3-chip DLP® digital projectors have been deployed for the birthday celebration of Singapore’s independence.

 Set up in portrait mode, the Christie projectors will be used throughout the 45-minute ‘Majulah! The Singapore Spirit’ musical that combines stunning visuals, multimedia, live firework displays, pyrotechnics and music. Installed on four separate towers at a height of 16 meters, with each tower holding four projectors, the front projection distance is 160 meters and side projection distance is 80 meters.

outdoor digital projection

“The 16 projectors have a combined brightness of 288,000 ANSI lumens, so effectively; we have four sets of high-definition content being played simultaneously from two media servers with two outputs each. The result is very crisp images with brilliant true color display using 3-chip DLP® technology, and unmatched presentation performance. Audiences who attended the NDP previews over the last two weekends were astounded by the visual effects achieved,” said Christopher Ee, director of multimedia, Glorious Pte Ltd., the appointed digital projection provider for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP), responsible for both content delivery and technical support.

In place of the conventional projection screen, this year’s celebration uses a 200 ton, seven-storey high musical box called The Cube, with several mobile rotatable cubes on each level, large size drawers and moveable panels that serve as projection screens for digital effects. Measuring 2.6 meters in width and depth by 2.8 meters in height, each cube opens to unveil hidden props that will support the different performances.

3-chip DLP projection

“From both a creative and technical standpoint, projecting onto The Cube proved to be quite a challenge as we had to ensure 100 percent accuracy with the throw distance as the little cubes move and pivot during an ongoing performance. To ensure a seamless projection, we also needed to calibrate the images to ensure that the projected images move in tandem with the music and The Cube,” explained Ee. 

Consisting of five acts, the musical endeavors to bring out the key elements of the Singapore spirit. The audience will hear the story of Singapore through two main characters – Mother and Son – and traces the story of the Son who was born in 1965 against the backdrop of Singapore’s independence. Son experiences and discovers the Singapore Spirit around him – in Mother, in his neighbors and in Singapore. In 2011, Son is an adult and has his own child (Grandson). He tries to instill the Singapore Spirit’s principles of unity, trust and commitment into Grandson, in a Singapore vastly different from what he knew growing up.

outdoor digital projection

The Christie Roadster HD18K offers 1920 x 1080 lumens native resolution and a variable contrast ratio of 2000:1 for crisp, detailed images. With next generation DLP® technology, high-quality optics and Xenon illumination – the pinnacle of image color accuracy – the Christie Roadster HD18K projector also features high-quality lenses specifically designed to increase image sharpness.

“Christie is very proud to be part of Singapore’s birthday celebrations again. The Christie Roadster HD family of projectors offer one of the world’s brightest and clearest images in HD format. Sturdy and rugged, the Christie HD18K projector is made for the outdoors and is a good choice for the NDP celebration,” remarked Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific.

Installed June 10 for the NDP 2011 rehearsals, the projectors will be dismantled on August 10 after the NDP.

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