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Christie Microtiles Enhances Wow Factor at SAS

Business Analytics Giant Adds Christie Spyder X20 and Christie MicroTiles to Headquarters

CYPRESS, Calif. – (February 24, 2012) – SAS has selected and installed 197 Christie® MicroTiles® comprising five walls, four Christie projectors and four Christie Spyder X20 video processors at its worldwide headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. SAS, the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, provides business analytics, data management and IT management software and services to the financial services, government, retail, energy, life sciences, manufacturing and numerous other industries.

“In designing our new state-of-the-art executive briefing center, SAS was creating a technology and functional showpiece,” said Woody Weaver, SAS senior manager of engineering and operations. “MicroTiles, with their 1 mm bezel between each tile, provide a virtually seamless wall with the flexibility to build almost any configuration. Our building is platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and MicroTiles met our requirements as a green solution with their low power consumption and no consumables.”

“You see the LEED Wall (4 Christie MicroTiles wide by 2 Christie MicroTiles high) as soon as you enter the building,” continued Weaver, “along with a second, smaller video wall nearby (5 MicroTiles wide by 4 MicroTiles high). The showcase display is the 40-foot long Welcome Wall (28 MicroTiles wide by 4 MicroTiles high), which becomes the backdrop for our registration area. We also have the Future Wall (12 MicroTiles wide by 3 MicroTiles high) displaying current and upcoming events.”

Located on the sixth floor, the executive wing’s Executive Wall features a 7 MicroTiles wide by 3 MicroTiles high array displaying computer models, cable television content and digital signage.

“We often send content from our auditoriums and meeting rooms to the Executive Wall, so others can watch the presentations,” added Weaver. “Even with a skylight overhead, the MicroTiles still look good. Next, we’re implementing a touchscreen application using infrared sensors.”

Christie Spyder X20 and Christie MicroTiles – The Ideal Combination
Two Christie Spyder X20 video processors manage and control the content displayed on the Christie MicroTiles. 

“We can transform our lobby into a technology showcase and use the Welcome Wall in conjunction with our Spyders for our conference registration areas,” said Ken Weaver, senior IT manager, SAS. “For example, for an education conference here our graphics team designed a themed background for the wall, to which we added letter logos to facilitate the registration process. We often repurpose one wall several different ways just by changing up the display content.”

Four Christie 3-Chip DLP® Projectors and Two Additional Christie Spyder X20 Video Processors
Two additional Christie Spyder X20 video processors deliver top-notch content in the center’s two auditoriums. Both spaces feature two rear-projected Christie HD10K-M projectors with a Christie Spyder X20 video processor blending the content onto impressive 30-foot wide by 10-foot high screens. Two Christie HD6K-M projectors in each auditorium present content for two smaller, flanking screens. 

“We chose Christie because we know it is a good product. The MicroTiles have been very reliable,” Woody Weaver concluded. “The MicroTiles run 12 hours a day, six days a week and definitely provide that ‘wow’ factor for our clients when they walk into the building.”

Consultant and Integrator Contribute to Success of Project
Serving as technology consultant on the project was Thorburn Associates, an international acoustics, technology and lighting design firm with an office in nearby Morrisville, N.C., who worked closely with SAS to determine their needs while recommending the optimum solution.

“What Thorburn Associates does is solve problems; we pride ourselves on helping customers work through the details of their project,  not just traditional AV but also acoustics, lighting, networking and IT,” said Derek Meares, Associate Principal. “Thorburn Associates is very good at bringing all these areas together and creating one integrated solution for the client.”

“We used a wide range of Christie products because it made technical sense for what we were doing. For example, we found that the Spyder was the best product to get content to the video walls and displays. The software interface is also very easy to use, especially given the many displays SAS wanted for their lobbies, and auditoria.

“This was a highly specialized installation and unique environment,” Meares concluded, “Christie’s products really contributed to the project’s success.”

Integrator AVI-SPL was pleased to install MicroTiles at the high-tech firm after becoming very familiar with the technology on other installations. Will Parry, senior vice president, special projects groups at AVI-SPL said, “We were happy to use the MicroTiles again after several large installations. We’ve had great success with them in the past, and highly recommend them to our clients.”

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