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Christie MicroTiles now Shipping with Three-Year Warranty

Over 50,000 units of groundbreaking digital display technology installed in almost 1,000 locations.

CYPRESS, Calif. – (January 26, 2015) – Whether it’s the London Stock Exchange, Stanford University, the Cleveland Museum of Art or numerous other locations including museums, sports facilities, universities and more, Christie® MicroTiles® continue to be a benchmark in visual display technology and now ship with a three-year warranty effective January 1, 2015.

“Extending the warranty from two to three years demonstrates Christie’s continued confidence in MicroTiles,” said Don Shaw, senior director of product management, Christie. “Christie MicroTiles keep getting better and offer an unprecedented viewing experience.”


Winner of numerous industry awards since launching in November 2009, Christie MicroTiles have been continually improved:

  • Screens are now manufactured with the latest diffusion materials offering the best brightness and wide viewing angles.
  • S310 screens seams reduced to 0.7 mm for near-seamlessness in a tiled display.
  • New lens materials provide superior reliability under demanding conditions.
  • Digital Micromirror Devices (DMDs) have an enhanced seal to safeguard against humidity.
  • Modified connection points make it easier to fine-tune the alignment of tiles.
  • Firmware includes automatic notification of system warnings and events.
  • Factory calibration advancements ensure the best possible color matching between tiles.

With over 50,000 units in nearly 1,000 installations worldwide, Christie MicroTiles are the definitive standard for high resolution, direct-view tiled displays.

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