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Christie Strengthens Ties With Shanghai Film Group to Accelerate Growth in China Cinema Industry

BIRTV 2013/BEIJING – (August 23, 2013) – Since its first entry into China in 2002, Christie®, the global leader in digital cinema, has dedicated itself to offering the most updated digital cinema technology, solutions and technical services to contribute to the growth of the local cinema industry. In the last few years, it has reinforced this further by embarking on a series of collaborative efforts with Shanghai Film Group (SFG) to accelerate the digitalization and industrialization of the cinema industry in China.
In June 2012, Christie established a long-term strategic alliance with Shanghai Film Group (SFG), a leading film company in China. The scope of the three-year alliance covers the digitalization of Chinese cinema, application and presentation of new technologies, joint development of new products, joint exploration of the market of digital cinema and exhibitions. It also includes the digitalization of more than 200 cinemas under Shanghai United Circuit, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Film Group, using 900 of Christie’s powerful Digital Cinema projectors, Theater Management System, and establishing a network operation center (NOC) to help SFG in the seamless management of its chain of cinemas. By maintaining a close contact and long-term technical exchange through visits, educational seminars and training sessions, the collaboration strives to keep SFG on par with the global development of cinema technology.
“Digital cinema technology is under constant development and Christie has remained at its forefront. We have witnessed Christie’s great technology leadership since the day the company provided us with the first DLP Cinema® projector in China,” commented Wang Xiaojun, vice president of Shanghai Film Group. “Digital cinema is rapidly replacing the traditional 35mm film. With the evolving digital cinema technology, we need to position our chain of cinemas at the forefront of technological advancement, constantly upgrading our technology offering to reach out to the cinema market. Christie, with its ability to consistently renew itself and provide the most current technologies, will be one of the driving forces to help us achieve this goal.”
Wang said the decision to enter into a strategic alliance with Christie was imperative to the development of SFG. It had an even far-reaching effect to the future of the Chinese film industry as it closely monitored the actual needs of the development of Chinese films to be in line with the development of international film digitalization.
Apart from the strategic alliance, Christie was the exclusive digital projection partner for the fifth consecutive year for the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) managed by SFG. The film festival is China’s only A-class international film festival and is devoted to building up an international platform with four main programs including Competition, SIFF Mart, SIFFORUM, and International Film Panorama, in an effort to promote the industry development and enhance cooperation with the rest of the world. Christie Solaria® CP4230, the world’s first superior 4K DLP Cinema projector, was used to screen the recent 16th SIFF’s opening film “Monsters University” in Chinese. Over the last five years, Christie has been supporting the festival with its innovative solutions and quality technical support.
With investment from SFG, the brand-new Shanghai Film Museum took four years to construct and opened in June 2012. Located in a former film studio in Shanghai’s downtown Xujiahui, the over-15,000-square-meter (161,500 square feet) museum boasts four floors, over 70 interactive installations and a collection of 3,000 historic exhibits. It traces the story of Shanghai filmmaking, from its magical beginning in 1896 until present day’s 3D blockbusters. As China’s largest film-themed museum, it hopes to carry out a leading role in maintaining the international position of Shanghai film and raising awareness for the industry’s value on a national level. This new museum is also home to a range of Christie’s latest entertainment solutions including the Christie MicroTiles®, the Christie Solaria 2K and 4K DLP Cinema projectors.
At the main entrance of the Shanghai Film Museum, a visually-stunning wall comprises more than 400 Christie MicroTiles displays movie clips of selected Chinese films made in the last century to illustrate the history of film-making in China and how films in Shanghai helped to contribute as well as shape the current China cinema scene. In addition, Christie also provided a Christie CP4230 for its largest cinema screen in the Studio 5 theater, a Christie CP2230 for the 4D theater as well as the Christie Avias-TMS™ Theater Management System.
“Shanghai is the cradle of Chinese film art. With more than 63 years of expertise in film production, Shanghai Film Group has witnessed the Chinese film industry growing from strength to strength. With the establishment of the Shanghai Film Museum, we envision to bridge the past, present and future of the Shanghai film industry through the seamless integration of technology and film arts. Through our collaboration with industry veteran Christie, we strive to keep the museum lively by showcasing the latest entertainment technologies in the market. As the museum chronicles our past, we also hope to feature the most advanced cinema technology available,” says Xiaojun Wang, vice president, Shanghai Film Group.
“We’ve been using Christie visual solutions for a long time in our chain of theaters and have always been very pleased with their performance and consistent quality. This was also the reason why we decided to work with Christie again when we first conceptualized the museum,” stated Zhu Jue, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Film Group. “Since opening, we have received a lot of compliments from visitors and they were very impressed with the design of the venue as well as the ways we made the exhibits come ‘alive’ to trace the history of the Shanghai films through the seamless use of technology.” 
“As a leading film production company with a long history in China, Shanghai Film Group has achieved numerous milestones in the Chinese cinema industry. We’re very honored to be able to cooperate with them again to help digitalize the cinema industry and contribute to its future,” remarks Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific.
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