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The set on ‘Aquí en Madrid’ TV program adds Christie MicroTiles

Madrid, Spain - (August 2015) - Christie® MicroTiles®, the revolutionary modular digital visualization cubes, continue to dominate sets on Spanish TV shows. The latest in a line of popular shows, Aquí en Madrid, a current affairs program broadcast by Telemadrid, has recently added a 7x5 MicroTiles video wall, installed by Videoreport, a company belonging to the Tres60 audiovisual group and a Christie partner in Spain.

Produced by Boomerang TV, Aquí en Madrid is broadcast daily Monday through Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. It's a live program broadly divided into two main blocks, focusing on current affairs and on social events taking place in Madrid. The show goes out live from the eighth floor of one of the Puerta de Europa Towers (formerly known as the Kio Towers), with views overlooking the Paseo de la Castellana and the Sierra de M​adrid as the backdrops for a set measuring five meters long by three meters wide.

Broadcasting programs from a building with a view is all the rage among television producers in Madrid. That being said, constructing a TV set in a skyscraper brings its own problems, such as controlling the natural light that floods the set, the impossibility of using cranes, much more restricted space, lower ceilings, and so on.

For all these reasons, MicroTiles proved to be the ideal solution for the task at hand. As Julio Chorro, from Videoreport's commercial department, claimed, "This product combines to perfection extraordinary brightness and exceptional contrast, making it the ideal solution for highly demanding indoor spaces with a lot of natural light. The message is always visible, without any bothersome reflections or dazzles. In addition, its really thin profile means that it fits well into studios with limited space."

Videoreport gave the client a demo and the response was instant. They didn't even want to look at other alternatives. As Rafael Pérez, producer at Boomerang TV, explained, "We were won over by the quality of the image and the little space required, as well as the reliability and the price."
The rectangular MicroTiles display in Aquí en Madrid is used to show live signals, including VTRs, tails and graphics. The contents are powered from various sources, including an EVS server, a mixing desk and a graphics computer, with the modules being managed by a Christie MicroTiles ECU (External Control Unit). The unit's web interface enables each module to be monitored and it also calibrates the color and brightness automatically and in real time.

"With this video wall we wanted to boost the potential of a small set. And the truth is that it has allowed us to lend greater presence to live broadcasts and other external signals on the set, affording much more diversity and more possibilities of introducing dynamic solutions for the program's various different contents," added Rafael Pérez, from Boomerang TV.

Marcos Fernández, Christie director for Spain and Portugal, said: "MicroTiles are ideal for creative broadcast sets, because you can arrange or stack them in any shape you can imagine, and then they can be rearranged in totally new configurations later on if you like. Furthermore, you feel safe that they will always be ready to broadcast in a matter of a few seconds, because the automatic calibration feature means that they don't need special adjustments to be seen clearly on the screen."

MicroTiles are proving hugely successful in broadcast environments in Spain, and are currently being used in programs like El Hormiguero, Tonterías las justas, El día del fútbol, Gran Hermano and El Círculo, among others.

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