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Christie And Lantronix Partner To Design New Network Connectivity Products For The AV Market

Leaders in Audio/Visual Solutions and Remote Ethernet Networking Create AV-Centric Device Networking Products to Enable the Convergence of AV and IT Equipment

Atlanta, GA – InfoComm (June 9, 2004) – Christie Digital Systems, Inc., a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, and Lantronix, Inc., a leader in device networking and secure remote management solutions, today announced their partnership to co develop new connectivity products that are specifically tailored for Audio/Visual (AV) applications. Branded under Christie’s ChristieNET™ Connectivity Module (CCM) product line, these products leverage hardware and software technology from both companies, and demonstrate the convergence of AV and IT equipment to solve customer needs.

The first product as a result of the partnership is the integration of the SecureBox secure device server with feature-rich firmware designed and programmed by Christie for its CCM products.  The resulting product line, called the ChristieNET SecureCCM, incorporates 128/256-bit Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is the first product of this kind to be certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), making the product ideal for Christie’s primary markets in higher education and government.

“With the developments that Lantronix has made in device networking, particularly where security is concerned, and its capability to develop software solutions that fit the needs of our professional IT customers, they are an ideal partner for us,” said Jack Kline, president and COO of Christie USA.  “Together, Christie and Lantronix are poised to develop, sell and support the most-effective solutions for networking and managing AV equipment on the market.”

With the system’s unique firmware that enables control of any RS232-controllable device, Christie plans to offer the product with their current lines of projectors as well as other AV devices, including video conferencing, document cameras, legacy and competitive fixed installation and smaller projectors, and more. In addition, SecureCCM will enable enhanced customer support options through Christie’s device management application that monitors the condition of AV equipment and proactively notifies equipment administrators of faults or pending issues, such as a lamp that has reached its maximum hours.

“Christie is a pioneer in the networking of AV devices,” said Marc Nussbaum, president and CEO for Lantronix. “Through integrating our technology, Christie will continue to meet the rising customer demand for management of AV devices, especially in the government and higher education sectors where the need for increased security is an absolute. With Christie’s contribution, Lantronix will be able to provide a broader range of products tailored to the needs of the AV/IT management segment.”

“Christie and Lantronix have formed a partnership that is a true example of convergence at the supply level,” said Jody Thomas, CEO of Kayye Consulting. “Christie brings the AV expertise and application in this solution, and Lantronix brings the proven core competencies in the IT part of the equation. Combined forces like these will be one of the catalysts that spark a new era in the AV/IT marketplace. This partnership illustrates future trends at the distribution, integrator, reseller, end user and consultant levels.” 

According to Max Kopsho, product manager for network solutions for Christie, future developments from this partnership may include wireless networking products, which optimally would serve the Rental/Staging market, among others. “There is a great deal of synergy between Christie and Lantronix technologies and we expect to incorporate the best elements of both to continue to develop market-leading solutions.”

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