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Christie and Panoram Sign Agreement for Patented Edge-Blending Technology

April 29, 2003 – Sun Valley, Calif. – Christie, first in 3-chip DLP™ 3D and simulation projection, and Panoram Technologies, innovators in advanced extreme-resolution displays, have reached a licensing agreement whereby Christie will have the right to use Panoram’s multi-projector edge-blending technology.  This agreement represents the first such arrangement between Panoram and an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance projection systems.

The license agreement gives Christie access to Panoram’s patented edge-blending technology and along with Christie’s award-winning series of high performance 3-chip DLP™ projectors a secure path towards exciting and new projection solutions for a variety of industries. Christie’s current MirageSIM projector is the first to combine multi-projector edge-blending capabilities with dark metal DLP™ technology – ideally suited for multi-screen simulation applications.

“We are very proud to have Christie be the first large-scale projection manufacturer to license unique edge-blending technology,” said Theo Mayer, Panoram President and CEO.  “Whether edge-blending is integrated into a projector, a peripheral device or some other system solution, it is becoming clear that this capability gives Christie a distinct competitive advantage. We have only begun to see the many ways in which this core technology will be applied.”

Panoram’s edge-blending technology allows images from multiple projectors to be “fused” together into an extremely high-resolution seamless array. Frequently, it is used to create ultra-wide, large-screen displays, providing an immersive visual experience. Applications benefiting from this type of solution have increased exponentially in recent years. They include simulation, training, VR, visualization, command and control, event staging, media set design and others.

Other recent licensees for Panoram’s patented edge-blending technology include 3D Perception of Norway and Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. of Japan.

About Panoram

Panoram Technologies, Inc. manufactures advanced extreme-resolution display systems for facilities, workgroup and desktop applications. Panoram’s display systems create collaborative visualization environments that enable project teams to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and effectiveness. Panoram's visualization systems are currently being used throughout the world for oil and gas exploration, military and government applications, manufacturing in aerospace and automotive, as well as for universities and scientific computing. For more information about Panoram Technologies, visit their Web site at

About Christie

For more than a decade Christie (under the Electrohome brand name) and its Marquee CRT projection series set the benchmark for high performance projection systems used in both 3D stereo and simulation environments. Christie has invested heavily in the development of flat panel display technologies and is recognized as a world leader in high-performance projection solutions. Christie is the first projection manufacturer to take a leading role in developing stereo 3-chip DLP™ projection at 3D frame rates. Since 1979, Christie along with its international network of systems integrators has installed large screen projection solutions in major corporations such as Airbus Industries, Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, Fraunhoffer Institute, GM, Los Alamos National Laboratories, NASA, Shell and the University of Illinois, Urbana. Christie has NATO NCAGE classification. For more information about Christie and its compelling array of 3D and simulation projectors visit