Press Release

Christie Buys Wellington St. Building

Long-Time Resident Acquires Property from Electrohome Limited

KITCHENER, ON – (November 18, 2003) – Christie, a leading manufacturer of projection technology, announced today the purchase of the 292,000 sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility at 809 Wellington St. N. from Electrohome Limited (TSX: ELL.Y and TSX: ELL.X). Christie whose Canadian manufacturing operations and headquarters are located in the facility, and employees 160 people locally, will take over the ownership of the building on December 1st, 2003.

Apart from housing all current projection manufacturing, engineering and marketing, Christie plans to use existing unoccupied space to increase its screen manufacturing capabilities and build a Centre for Projection Engineering Excellence – to display its innovations in projection technology including Digital Cinema.

“Over the past two years, Christie has enjoyed significant growth. This growth is a direct result of talented employees worldwide including a rich high tech community that is Canada’s Technology Triangle. We look forward to continued success and bringing great products to light,” remarks Gerry Remers, president and COO, Christie Canada.

The facility has been the home of Christie since 1979, at the time known as Electrohome Projection Systems. In 1999, Christie Inc. of Cypress, California, a film projection manufacturer whose operations began in 1929, purchased Electrohome Projection Systems becoming Christie Digital Systems, Inc and has remained a privately held company.

All current tenants including Electrohome Limited and its subsidiary Fakespace Systems, the largest international company exclusively in the advanced visualization marketplace, will continue to occupy the premises.

About Christie

Christie is a leader in visual solutions for business, entertainment and media used by world-class organizations for diverse applications. Christie’s broad range of display technologies include LCD and DLP™ projectors, networking solutions, digital cinema projectors, 35mm film projectors, rear screen projection modules and cubes, wall display controllers, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulation. Christie is leading the charge in visually dynamic, digitally projected content for on-screen advertising and pre-show entertainment. With expertise in professional projection systems since 1979 and film projection dating back to 1929, Christie has over 50,000 projectors installed in over 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit