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Christie Celebrates 75th Anniversary As Innovator And Visual Solutions Provider To Film And Digital Marketplace

A history of innovation, from the conversion of film projectors to the Xenon arc lamp to the first to market a digital cinema projector based on groundbreaking dlp cinema™ technology.

CYPRESS, CA – (July 15, 2004) – Christie Digital Systems, Inc., a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, today announced the official launch of year-long celebrations in honor of the company’s historic 75th anniversary in the industry.  Founded in 1929, the company has enjoyed three quarters of a century marked by industry-leading “firsts” in 35mm film projection and digital projection technology. It has earned a solid reputation as a provider of choice for film projection systems for cinema, and has become a recognized pioneer in the implementation of digitally-based visual solutions around the world.

Christie’s proven track record in film includes the revolutionizing of 35mm projection technology with the introduction of the Xenon-arc Lamp in the 1960’s. It also introduced the first gearless 35mm projector, patented a unique motorized 3-axis lamp adjustment, and combined a lamphouse with a power supply to develop the first Xenon console system. In the 1980’s, Christie received its first technical achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the industry acclaimed, sealed Ultramittent, and in the 1990’s, its second award for the Endless Loop Film Transport System (ELF™). 

“Film is an exceptionally durable technology that has stood the test of time and still continues to dominate the cinema marketplace,” remarks Jack Kline, president and COO, Christie USA. “We are proud to have made significant contributions to the evolution of this remarkable technology. We continue to work with exhibitors worldwide to improve upon film-based systems with new, cost-effective features that extend product life, maximize brightness levels and minimize maintenance issues. We also understand that many exhibitors are now looking at digital technology to gain the competitive edge. Christie’s expertise in both worlds is helping exhibitors seamlessly bridge the transition, successfully integrating digital projection systems into their existing networks of film projectors.”

Bridging the Film and Digital Era
In 2000, while continuing to support its wide-ranging film market through enhanced customer service initiatives, Christie broke new ground by becoming the first licensee of Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema™ technology to manufacture and market its own brand digital cinema projector. The company went on to capture more than 75% of the digital cinema market, garnering more “firsts” along the way. 

Christie digital cinema projectors were the first to be used in a post-production studio in Japan; the first to be part of the multi-screen digital cinema presentation of Universal Pictures’ Jurassic Park III; and they were the first to be used in the release of the Star Wars’ Trilogy from production to post production to exhibition. Christie was also the first projection manufacturer to provide the largest projector networking system for an on-screen advertising application in theaters.

By 2004, Christie provided the first 2K-resolution digital cinema projection system, the Christie CP2000, installed in commercial venues in the U.S., Asia Pacific and Japan. As well, most major Hollywood studios and post-production facilities, including Deluxe Sound & Picture (Canada) as the first 2K-site, have purchased the Christie CP2000 and are employing it for their diverse needs.

“We believe it’s a disservice to exhibitors for a vendor to offer limited capabilities in either 35mm film or digital technology. To remain competitive, exhibitors know they must offer an increasingly demanding audience the full span of visual solutions, from 35mm to digital cinema projection systems,” says Kline. “Our 75th anniversary celebrates both the remarkable role Christie has played – and continues to play – in the 35mm projection arena, while also looking forward to working with our cinema partners and others in diverse markets as they make the transition to digital technology.”

About Christie

Christie is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a leader in visual solutions for world-class organizations, offering diverse applications for business, entertainment, and industry.  With expertise in film projection since 1929 and professional projection systems since 1979, Christie has established a global reputation as the world’s single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions for cinema, large audience environments, control rooms, business presentations, training facilities, 3D and Virtual Reality, simulation, education, media and government. Christie has installed over 50,000 projectors worldwide.  For more information, visit