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Christie CP2000 DLP CINEMA® Projector Sets Ultimate Standard Of Excellence In Post Production

Visual Effects Facilities Standardize on World’s Most Popular 2K Digital Cinema Projector

CYPRESS, CA - (June 27, 2006) - Christie, a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, announced that two of the industry’s foremost post production facilities, CafeFX (Santa Maria, CA; and PlasterCITY Digital Post (Los Angeles, CA;, have standardized upon the high performance Christie CP2000 DLP Cinema® projector, recognized as the brightest, most advanced projection solution in the industry.  With the most installations worldwide, the Christie 3-chip 2K Digital Cinema projector offers post houses the ultimate compatibility with Digital Cinema systems found in theaters.

CafeFX is renowned for its exceptionally lifelike, photorealistic environments, vehicles and material, such as smoke, fire and water.  The company also develops creatures, props and environments for feature films and animated title sequences.  Among its innovations is the Café Sync in-house software that allows clients to review work simultaneously with a CafeFX team from almost anywhere in the world.  The company recently converted from a film projector to the Christie CP2000 after a rigorous selection process.  To house the projector, it also upgraded from a small studio with a square screen to one with a larger 15-foot by 8-foot screen that met the new 16:9 format standard in theaters. 

“We wanted the absolute best for our customers, to provide them with an authentic theater experience,” said Dave Ebner, chief creative officer at CafeFX. “All of our research pointed to Christie as having the top quality projector that met our needs.”

Among the reasons Ebner cited for standardizing on Christie’s 2K DLP Cinema technology was CafeFX’s extensive work with many of the major Hollywood producers and directors.  “We needed a projector that would provide the sharpest, most accurate image possible, one that doesn’t add fragment digital light or crawling edges.  Because the Christie CP2000 is calibrated to the highest Digital Cinema standards, there’s never a problem with the image.  Christie also impressed us with its exceptional level of support and service.  They provide expert, knowledgeable staff that is always there when we need them.”

“Perfect Compatibility”
PlasterCITY Digital Post (PCDP) is among the new breed of nonlinear high-definition postproduction facilities that is reinventing the post experience.  It specializes in post supervision, online and offline editorial, color correction, and graphic design for film and TV.  PlasterCITY Digital Post Production has worked on shorts, commercials, music videos and independent features, as well as non-fiction programming for broadcast. The PCDP team has won six Regional Emmy's from the Chicago and St. Louis Chapters of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences since 2001.

Michael Cioni, director of operations at PlasterCITY, constructed a 30-seat theater that features a 27-foot screen, one of the largest for viewing digital intermediaries, and credits the Christie CP2000 with helping to provide the facility with a perfect color correction solution for indie films.  Taking full advantage of the projector’s capabilities, PCDP’s editing console has dual link HDSDI that goes directly into the Christie CP2000.  They designed the studio so that material in every single edit bay can be routed directly to the CP2000, whether it is television commercials, industrial films or feature productions. 

“We plug one cable to the Christie CP2000 and can play any content instantly in real time,” said Cioni.  “If the signal is standard definition, we run it through the Christie Cine-IPM 2K.”   The Christie Cine-IPM 2K is a comprehensive image processor that converts analog or digital signals to display any standard of content regardless of source on the Christie Digital Cinema projector.

Cioni recalled a recent incident when his facility used a different projector to color-correct a film that was a work-in-progress to play at Sundance.  When the film director returned to PCDP to finish the film, color-correction was done on the Christie CP2000. 

“The director thought the projection was ten times better than before.  The film, which he had seen thousands of times, now seemed more powerful, more dynamic.  The only difference was that we were now using the Christie CP2000,” said Cioni.

He added, “The proof is in my clients’ reactions.  They notice instantly how much more improved the color clarity is on the Christie 2K projector.  More importantly, we know that a majority of theaters with digital equipment are now using Christie, so what our clients see in our facility is exactly what their audiences will see in the theaters.  It’s a great selling proposition.”

Cioni observed that he can rely “100%” on getting superior customer service from the Christie technical support staff.  “We get on the phone and they are here instantly.  When we’re dealing with tight deadlines, that’s a critical part of the equation for choosing Christie,” he said.

“The Christie CP2000 Digital Cinema projector is the recognized standard in the industry, used by most major Hollywood studios and postproduction facilities,” noted Craig Sholder, vice president of Entertainment Solutions at Christie.  “Using Christie projectors, post facilities like CafeFX and PlasterCITY are at the forefront of a technological revolution that is raising the standards for quality in visual effects and post production to a whole new level.”

California-based Armadillo Inc., headed by Colin Ritchie, president & CEO, worked with Christie to help CafeFX and PlasterCITY upgrade their studios to the Christie CP2000.  Aarmadillo Inc. provides production & post-production film and TV companies in California with capital equipment and software from leading manufacturers like Christie.

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