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Christie Demonstrates Innovation at InfoComm China 2011

See Christie at Booth # D2-01

INFOCOMM/BEIJING – (April 13, 2011) – Christie®, a global leader in visual display solutions for business, entertainment and industry, is demonstrating a diverse range of innovative visual solutions at InfoComm China in Beijing, April 13-15, 2011.

To commemorate its 10th year in China, Christie will launch the all-new Christie L2K1000 and Christie L2K1500 projectors – the second market in the world to be offered these two projectors. In addition, in one of Christie’s largest presentations at InfoComm China, the Christie DWU670-E and Christie Mirage WU7-M projectors are making their first appearance in China.

“We expect our presentation at InfoComm China to be well-received by our business partners, and current and potential customers, because the range of visual solutions we are exhibiting here is unlikely to be replicated anywhere else in China. Our exhibits have been meticulously planned for many months and are designed to suit the requirements of the China market as well as to elevate the standards of innovation in display technologies to an unprecedented level,” said Lin Yu, vice president of sales, Christie Asia Pacific.

Highlights at Booth # D2-01

Meeting the market need for groundbreaking LCD technology, Christie is introducing the Christie L2K1000 and Christie L2K1500 projectors. Providing 10,000 and 15,000 ANSI lumens respectively, both projectors deliver HD+ (2048 x 1080) resolution with brilliant colors.

“These two LCD projectors will boost our business product line-up. In terms of performance, they have one of the highest brightness levels in the category of LCD projectors and will definitely be ideal for customers that demand full HD capability,” explained Frank Xiao, general manager, Christie China.

Visitors to the Christie booth will also gain a first-hand preview of the Christie DWU670-E 1-chip DLP® projector. Making its first appearance in China, the Christie DWU670-E provides superior performance, brightness and image definition. “The Christie DWU670-E is a high performance projector made with no compromises,” Xiao explained.

Another product making its maiden entrance into China is the Christie Mirage WU7K-M. Featuring full WUXGA resolution display and dual lamps for unrivalled homogeneity, the Christie Mirage WU7K-M is one of Christie’s most advanced 3D projectors to date, delivering uniform brightness of over 6,000 ANSI lumens, superb images and vivid colors. The Christie Mirage WU7K-M uses a 3-chip DLP® processor to guarantee high brightness levels and color accuracy and positioned to meet the requirements of government, military, energy, life sciences and research sectors where performance, reliability, and low maintenance cost are crucial.

“Christie’s global reputation as a pioneer in the field of 3D visual technology is undisputed and today, as we preview the Christie Mirage WU7K-M at InfoComm China, we are bringing this proven expertise behind the development of 3D stereoscopic image quality into a market that has a huge and growing demand for this technology,” said Xiao.

Another powerhouse in Christie’s family of 3-chip DLP® projectors is the Christie Roadie HD+35K, the world’s brightest projector capable of producing over 32,500 ANSI lumens of brightness. Having earned the InfoComm’s Best Video Projector/High Lumen category award from US-based New Bay Media’s Rental and Staging Systems magazine, the Christie Roadie HD+35K is unmatched in terms of resolution, brightness, color definition and performance.

Christie Nitro Solutions, a modular series of motorized moving yokes that can provide up to 20,000 ANSI lumens of video projection on any surface, will be another crowd-pleasing attraction at the Christie booth. “Christie Nitro Solutions can be installed at floor level or on a truss and are ideal for building projection, architectural lighting and cityscapes, or live events,” Xiao continued.

Christie is also highlighting its innovative Christie® MicroTiles™ with its corporate logo at InfoComm constructed from 70 MicroTiles. Introduced to China in July 2010, Christie MicroTiles are continuing to make a significant impact in the digital signage and display market. “In this way, visitors to InfoComm China can have a first-hand experience with the distinctive attributes of Christie MicroTiles. Not only do Christie MicroTiles offer sharp and arresting images at very impressive levels of brightness and color reproduction, they are very flexible,  easy to use, and  can be stacked like building blocks to create a seamless display canvas of any shape and size,” said Xiao.

In addition, Christie will also showcase its award-winning Entero LED video wall display solution – the first LED ultra high-resolution display system – and the Christie TVC 500 Series controller for control room applications.

InfoComm China Summit

Christie will participate in two seminars at InfoComm China. April Qin, manager of business products, Christie China, will explore the future trends and technology in the seminar titled, “Using Display Technologies to Create Unforgettable Experiences” on April 13.

Furthermore, Christie’s guest speaker for InfoComm China 2011, Bart Kresa, world-renowned projection designer, together with Ken Wheatley, sales director of Business Products, Christie Asia Pacific, will present “Cutting-Edge Display Technologies” on April 14. This seminar focuses on large projection installations for entertainment use, including large-scale mapping.

“Leading industry players like Christie have a key role to play in determining the trends and challenges in display technologies for the future. These seminars will provide ideas and practical insights for spotting and managing these trends; it will be a thought-provoking experience for those involved in visual technology development. The topics Christie is addressing at InfoComm China summit fit perfectly with our focus on innovation for this event,” commented Lin.

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