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Christie Drives The Future of Control Rooms With Christie Entero HB Video Wall Display Cubes – The Brightest LED Projectors With World’s First Wi-Fi Control Capabilities

INFOCOMM CHINA/BEIJING – (April 10, 2013) Christie®, a leader in command and control projection display and visualization solutions, is proud to showcase its latest Christie Entero HB video wall display cubes at InfoComm China 2013, April 10-12.

Making its maiden appearance in Asia Pacific, 18 Christie Entero™ HB 80 inch video wall display cubes, stacked in a six by three array, will capture visitors’ attention with its brightest illumination of more than 1100 lumens and wireless networking capabilities – the first in the world.

“In an ever demanding world of control rooms where video display walls are ‘too critical to fail,’ Christie’s integrated solutions deliver a flawless performance every time,” said John Stark, senior director, Collaborative Visual Solutions, Christie.

“Our solutions start with proven solid state technology and a true zero-maintenance design, to which we’ve added a new optical platform, newly designed high performance lens, all new electronics, as well as Christie proprietary circuitry and firmware design. It all translates to high resolution displays with 24/7 reliability, lower power consumption and better light efficiency, quieter operation, and intelligent, automatic color management that go the distance. In short, Christie is the one-stop answer to all of a customer’s visual display needs.”

Backed by more than 30 years in the video wall display market, Christie’s modular display systems “go big” with cubes that feature screen sizes from 50 inches to 80 inches. The new Christie Entero HB display solutions offer exceptional ease of installation in a wide variety of cube sizes.

The system also includes proprietary third generation ArraySync™ auto-color and brightness LED video wall management, and improved tiling and scaling capabilities for the perfect video wall display in every application. It is a purpose-built, continuously self-managed system that delivers exceptional levels of reliability, flexibility and functionality for utilities, government, security and surveillance, and public and emergency services – all with lower power consumption and lower cost of ownership.

Christie’s latest Entero HB series is based on the most advanced DLP®, LED and image processing technology – all proven technologies for long life with minimal maintenance requirements. With its Wi-Fi capability as well as the traditional control options, end-users are always “in control,” whether using the full-function IR remote keypad, wireless devices or a standard PC. The series features intelligent, “hands-off” self-monitoring, 12-bit RGB color sensing and monitoring, as well as endless flexibility, from screen size to native resolutions to pixel density options – for the most customizable video wall display solutions in the widest range of environments.

Collaborative visual solutions for mission-critical monitoring

Today’s control rooms go beyond traditional displaying and monitoring and Christie’s collaborative visual solutions are removing boundaries and enabling expansive collaboration for many of the world’s most mission-critical operations. By integrating stunning zero-maintenance displays with the power of the network, Christie is completely redefining the control room space, and setting the stage for an increasingly distributed control room environment. Across every sector in business, commerce and government, Christie is raising the bar to exceed today’s control room operational requirements.

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