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Christie Installs China’s Largest VR System

Christie Completes SINOPEC’s Petro-One for Oil Exploration Research

Beijing, CHINA – (March 8, 2004) – Christie, a leading provider of purpose-built simulation display solutions, is proud to announce it has successfully completed China’s largest virtual reality (VR) system for Beijing-based China Petroleum and Chemical (Petrochemical) Corporation  (SINOPEC), the country’s biggest producer and distributor of petrochemicals. Known as Petro-One, the state-of-the-art installation is the first such system to be used in the local petroleum and related industry for oil exploration activities and research.

“Petro-One is the result of a coordinated team effort which seeks to seamlessly combine the different elements such as calculating equipment, graphic generator, audio-visual components, projection system, controllers and many more into a collaborative interdisciplinary working environment,” says Cao Xianghong, Senior Vice-President, SINOPEC. “By utilizing this system, we’ll be able to embark on more in-depth research activities for strategic planning. Industry geologists, geophysicists as well as drilling engineers can now gather to jointly discuss real-life cases such as the rock strata in Eastern China and the complicated geological structure of the Erdos Basin. In addition, we can also use it in oil well planning prior to drilling as well as display first-hand information through satellite transmission from field locations. All these will translate into savings and maximize our oil exploration investments in the long run.”

Forming the core of the system is three Christie 3-chip DLP™ Mirage 6000 projectors used for front projection. Suspended from a height of about four metres above ground in the 90-seat auditorium, they display high clarity, high brightness stereoscopic and 3D images as well as data sets generated by a SGI Onyx 3800 server operating on Landmark’s Geoprobe software. To complete the immersive experience, a 3.6-metre-by-13-metre Stewart Curve screen with a 135-degree field of view is used.  

“As the oil and energy-related industry is getting more competitive, more companies are now studying the use of visualization and virtual reality techniques in their exploration effort to help increase inefficiency and effectiveness of their research process,” remarks Duncan Deng, Sales Executive, Christie China. “As China is fast emerging as one of the world’s greatest oil producers, we are glad to be able to tap into our extensive VR and immersive experience to work on this prestigious installation and help contribute to the technological advances in the local oil exploration efforts.” 

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Christie’s visual solutions are purpose-built to meet the specific requirements of the simulation market including oil/gas exploration, civil and military aviation, sea-based and land-based simulation, road driving and air traffic control. For more than a decade Christie (under the Electrohome brand name) and its Marquee CRT projection series set the benchmark for high performance projection systems used in both 3D stereo and simulation environments. Christie has invested heavily in the development of flat panel display technologies such as DLP™ and is recognized as a world leader in high-performance projection solutions. Christie is the first projection manufacturer to take a leading role in developing stereo 3-chip DLP™ projection at 3D frame rates. Since 1979, Christie along with its international network of systems integrators has installed large screen projection solutions in major corporations such as Airbus Industries, Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, Fraunhoffer Institute, GM, Italian Army, Los Alamos National Laboratories, NASA, Shell, Taiwan Air Force and the University of Illinois, Urbana. Christie has NATO NCAGE classification. For more information about Christie and its compelling array of simulation display solutions visit