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Christie Integrates Next Generation “Hive” For BP Canada

WATERLOO REGION, ONTARIO – (April 24, 2007) – Christie, a global leader in visual solutions for entertainment, business and industry, announced they have completed the design, installation and integration of a sophisticated interactive data exploration environment for BP Canada.  BP’s Highly Immersive Environment (HIVE) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada opened April 23, 2007 with its newly upgraded infrastructure.   Enabling local and remote users to collaborate and interact in real-time with complex datasets and visual requirements, the cutting-edge HIVE will be integral to seismic, engineering and geological data analysis as well as decision-making in construction, production and drilling.

Central to the operation of the upgraded HIVE is the capability to support both 3D and 2D content, allowing users to interact with data.  To meet these requirements, Christie designed and integrated a Christie TotalVIEW™ visualization display solution, including:

• Custom Display Wall – A custom display wall powered by the world’s first and most installed DLP® stereoscopic projection technology, the Christie Mirage projectors.   Christie’s display solution provides an artificial reality that projects participants into a stereoscopic 3D space.   Two active stereo projectors power this main display each equipped with ChristieTWIST™ to support optimized blending of images.  The projectors also feature Christie’s TrueIMAGE™ Automatic Display System Calibration, a groundbreaking technology that automatically calibrates arrayed projector displays, reducing the need for IT expertise and frequent fine tunings, greatly simplifying maintenance of the facility. 
• System Control Touch Panel – The immersive display system is controlled by a BP/Christie designed touch panel which allows the user to control the audio/visual components of the HIVE.
• Smart Plasma Displays – Incorporating Smartboard technology, users are provided with touch screen ability to interact with applications.
• Video Conferencing – A high definition video conferencing unit displays images from the display wall or plasma displays and can be used to feed news and weather alerts. 

“We offer integrated services and product packages, including powerful and cost effective immersive solutions, backed by an industry-leading reputation and expert technical expertise,” said Dave Fluegeman, vice president, Visual Environments, Christie.   “This was a challenging project for Christie because BP had a very tight schedule and the room itself was smaller than usual, yet we were able to create a full-featured facility and finished within the time required.”

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