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Christie Introduces The New Cinex35 35mm Film Projector

Christie’s Patented Academy Award-Winning Film Transport System Sets New Standards in Quality, Reliability and Performance

SHOWEST/Las Vegas, NV – (March 3, 2003) – Christie continues its 70-year leadership in theater exhibition with the introduction of the CineX35, a 35mm film projector that offers advancements in film projection, transport and handling technologies. Christie’s CineX35 is designed to deliver a higher level of maintenance-free reliability and unparalleled performance.

Based on Christie’s patented, sealed Ultramittent film transport – an industry first that won a technical achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences – the CineX35 is the latest entry in Christie’s family of gearless film projectors. Christie’s continuous investment in R & D has brought about a new, simplified design that provides a foundation for low maintenance and trouble-free operation.

Among its many features are the dual lateral guide rollers in the precision curved trap and gate that brings film transport stability to a new level of performance. The single sprocket driven, high-intensity reverse scan LED analog soundhead eliminates possible speed variations, and provides uniform illumination across the entire soundtrack area, reducing distortion and improving stereo imaging. In addition, the Christie CineX35 delivers a Class A image resolution in accordance with SMPTE guidelines.
“We are very pleased to introduce the CineX35 into Christie’s family of 35mm film projectors. It is a high precision, high quality system backed by more than seven decades of Christie industry experience, service and support in film projection,” said D’Arcy Pickering, product manager for cinema.

Other Industry-Leading Features and Innovations
The CineX35 features an array of innovative, proven technology that is the hallmark of Christie projection systems, such as a new Delrin™ shoe closure to reduce “film shredding” and provide long-term reliability. The CineX35 mounts to any console and is compatible with existing automations and cinema processors. The result is a solidly designed and engineered film projector that meets the highest standards for quality and workmanship, is operator friendly and delivers quiet operation.

“The Christie gearless 35mm film projector continues to play a dominant role in the theater exhibition industry in both the United States and throughout the world,” notes Craig Sholder, senior director, business development and cinema sales. “For generations, Christie has been a pioneering force in the market, working closely with exhibitors to develop innovative projection platforms to meet their needs. The introduction of the CineX35 affirms our continued support and commitment to delivering superior, cost-effective film projection technology and service to exhibitors worldwide.”

About Christie

Preferred by exhibition circuits and postproduction companies worldwide, Christie is the world’s single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies including 35mm film projectors, digital cinema projectors, networking solutions, LCD projectors for on-screen advertising/pre-show entertainment, and plasma lobby displays. As the first DLP Cinema™ licensee, Christie is playing a leading role in the new digital visual experience in theatres around the world – more movies are shown digitally on a Christie projector than any other DLP Cinema™ manufacturer. Christie is chosen time after time to showcase Hollywood’s finest digital movie premieres including Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Monsters, Inc and SPYkids I & II. Christie Digital Cinema projectors are interoperable with all current server technologies and the majority of theatre automation systems. Christie draws from over seven decades of expertise including recognition by the industry’s highest order, the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences, winning two Oscars® for innovations in gearless 35mm projection. Christie’s success is bolstered by select international partners and resellers who provide sales and service support and who have helped install more than 35,000 projection displays in over 50 countries. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at http://authoring.web.

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