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Christie Launches Comprehensive Customer Care Initiatives

New Exceptional Service Provider (ESP) Program Expands Service Department and Confirms $1M Inventory Investment

CYPRESS, CA – (February 9, 2004) – Christie, an international provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and media, today announced the launch of a major new strategy to strengthen the company’s customer care programs and further its commitment to manufacturing film projectors in the USA.  These new initiatives include bringing onboard world-class customer service expertise, investing over $1 million in spare parts inventory for film customers and automating operations and streamlining process to boost customer support. 

In the company-wide program, Christie has also invested more than $2.1 million to upgrade its computerized customer service network, utilizing the JD Edwards “One World” Customer Service Module. The increased, “customer-centric” focus aims to provide Christie customers with the highest level of satisfaction and service in the industry.

Part of the new initiatives includes bringing on-board additional management personnel to enhance customer-care programs. Christie will continue to offer highly innovative products while supporting its expanding customer base through rapid response time, spare part availability and competitive pricing.

“With talented, dedicated staff and a new, state-of-the-art ERP system, Christie’s Exceptional Service Provider (ESP) program will allow us to better predict customers’ requirements and consistently meet and exceed their expectations,” said Jack Kline, President & COO, Christie USA. “We are growing the business technologically and on a global basis and are now putting in place the people and systems that will help Christie achieve an incomparable level of responsiveness to customer needs.”

Among Christie’s recent appointments is Jo Anne Mastrangelo, an award winning Customer Care Manager. Mastrangelo was formerly with Federal Express, where she was a member of numerous dynamic operations management teams that repeatedly achieved ‘Station of the Year’ and ‘Circle of Excellence’ awards for efficiency, accuracy, and customer service.

“We are extremely fortunate to bring onboard a person of Jo Anne’s prominent reputation in customer care. In addition to her excellent technical expertise, she has demonstrated outstanding managerial abilities, combined with well-honed interpersonal skills,” said David Quinlan, Director of Services and Administration, Christie USA. “She is a quick decision maker and is driven by customer satisfaction proving her ability to read customers and understand their expectations to successfully meet their needs.”

As Christie’s new Customer Care Manager, Mastrangelo will be reporting to David Quinlan, concentrating on issues that affect efficiency, productivity and accountability. In the coming months, along with newly created quality action teams, she will be implementing positive changes that will make a significant difference in serving customers such as an auto-email program confirming shipments.

Christie also announced that Lisa Delgado has been promoted to the new position of Customer Service Supervisor, where she will now work closely with Mastrangelo.  During her tenure at Christie, Delgado’s expertise in the cinema arena has come to be widely recognized by customers. “Lisa is a perfect complement to Jo Anne,” notes Quinlan.  “She has specific industry knowledge and knows the parts department well, with the ability to focus on the essentials such as pricing, invoicing and inventory. She brings an extraordinary relationship with our customers and is well-liked by them.”

Jim Graton has come on board as the new Customer Service Engineer, responsible for 35 mm cinema. In this new role, Jim will serve as the front-line contact for Christie’s cinema customers who required technical assistance with film projectors. With years of experience as a field technician with Regal Cinemas, Jim brings technical competency and extensive product knowledge to the world of cinema tech support. Abel Pomar has joined the cinema engineering team in Cypress, CA as Manager of Engineering, bringing 15 years of engineering and manufacturing orientation to Christie. Pomar will assumer responsibility for both film and digital cinema. Previously, Pomar was Manager, Engineering Services at IWERKS Entertainment. 

“These appointments, investments and other innovative initiatives are proof of Christie’s commitment to providing our customer with the superior service and technical support upon which Christie built its reputation,” said Kline. 

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