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Christie Powers I/ITSEC 2008

I/ITSEC/Orlando, FL – (December 1, 2008) – Christie will partner with Rockwell Collins, MetaVR, Forterra Systems, Presagis, Mersive and the Air National Guard to demonstrate state of the art, true-to-life image displays to the simulation industry at this year’s I/ITSEC.

Booth # 801 will feature Christie’s collaboration with Rockwell Collins to demonstrate B52 and E2D missions.  Using Rockwell Collins’ EPX image generator and EPX software, three Christie Matrix 4000 DLP® projectors will project the images on a compound curved screen.  Equipped with AccuFrame™, the Christie Matrix 4000 DLP projector is a perfect simulation tool that accurately depicts night scenes and enables high speed simulation content for the most true-to-life images. 

Christie will demonstrate MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) on a 4-channel system at booth # 525.   The demonstration of a simulated F-16C’s flight over MetaVR’s new Vermont database will feature four Christie Matrix S+2K’s projecting images on a four facet Wide Angle Single Pilot (Glass Mountain WASP-II) display.  With SXGA+ resolution and a contrast ratio from 1500-2000:1, the Christie Matrix S+2K DLP projector will display incredibly accurate night scenes that are comparable to the experience of flying in an actual F-16C.  The same demonstration will take place at booth # 1639, where two Christie Roadster HD12 DLP projectors will project high resolution and crisp images from 10-bit image processing. 

Forterra Systems will showcase their collaboration media sharing software, Olive ™, at booth # 439. With its reputation for being the first and only full 1920x1080 HD resolution 3D active stereo solution, the Christie Mirage HD6 will project images of life-like size, virtual avatars on an 8ft (2.4m) screen.

Working with Mersive’s Sol Server and Presagis’ Vega Prime and Lyra, two Christie Matrix S+2Ks will display imagery from an Apache helicopter simulation on a 1x2 screen at Presagis’ booth # 2501.  The projectors will be integrated with Mersive’s Sol Server auto-alignment system and Presagis’ Lyra Image Generator solution.  Christie TWIST™ will then provide flexible options for mapping and blending complex multi-channel visual systems for the highest quality images. 

At booth # 3739, the Air National Guard will show a Boom Operator trainer connecting to a boom and refueling a jet. Using four Christie Mirage HD 3D stereo DLP projectors, the projected 3D image will give the boom operator true-to-life depth of perception that could otherwise only be experienced in an actual aircraft.  The 3D BOSS is the first of its kind, using active stereoscopic technology developed by Christie that specifically addresses a veteran boom operator’s critical need for precision, mobility and hi-fidelity depth of field. 

NTSA entrance display
Christie is proud to sponsor the NTSA entrance displays with two Christie LX1500 projectors.  The Christie LX1500 is the world’s brightest projector in its class, delivering 15,000 ANSI lumens of brightness from an advanced 4-lamp, 3LCD optical engine.  Watch as the Christie LX1500 projectors light up the NTSA entrance with NTSA and industry advertisements, as well as two 60-second spots highlighting Christie’s I/ITSEC activities.

About Christie

Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ushio, Inc., Japan, (JP:6925), is a leader in visual solutions for world-class organizations, offering diverse applications for business, entertainment and industry.  A leading innovator in film projection since 1929 and a pioneer in digital projection systems since 1979, Christie has established a global reputation as a total service provider and the world’s single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions.  With the acquisition of Vista Control Systems, Corp., Christie offers the most complete and advanced solutions for cinema, live venues, control rooms, business presentations, training facilities, 3D and Virtual Reality, simulation and education as well as industrial and government environments.  For more information, visit

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