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Christie Presents Singapore’s First Digital Screening

Christie participates in industry-wide effort to promote D-Cinema

SINGAPORE – (October 13, 2003) – Christie, first in DLP Cinema™ projection, announces today it will be partaking in Singapore’s first digital screening in Cathay Orchard Cineplex Hall 3 on October 16, 2003. An industry-wide effort supported by Cathay Cineplexes, EVS, Texas Instruments, Buena Vista International and Inforcomm Authority of Singapore, the event aims to introduce digital cinema into Singapore.

“This screening marks a milestone in Singapore cinema industry as this is the first time digital cinema is being introduced locally to the viewers,” said Christie Lim, regional sales manager for Cinema, Christie Asia. “By collaborating with some of the biggest names in the cinema community, we are pleased to be part of this effort and to contribute to the evolution of the local digital scene using our latest projection technology. Singapore movie-goers will now be able experience for themselves an enhanced cinematic experience with high quality digitally perfect images that are naturally film-like and consistently bright.”       

As Singapore’s first cinema operator to embark onto the digital platform, Cathay Cineplexes will present the digital version of top grossing animated film “Finding Nemo” to an audience of more than 300 invited guests and media using its recently installed digital server and projector. The digitized film will be stored and played out from an EVS CineStore Solo Playback Server, a cost-effective end-to-end server system which uses MPEG-2 Compression for the encoding, encryption, storage, decoding, distribution and playback of digital movies. It will then projected onto the screen using the country’s first digital projector – a Christie DCP-H projector featuring Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema technology. 

“We are pleased to be the first cinema operator to revolutionise D-Cinema here,” said Suhaimi. Rafdi, general manager for the Cinema Division of Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd. “For the first time, movie-goers here will enjoy same-day blockbuster movies releases as in the U.S. Other than first run Hollywood content, we will look at developing new entertainment offerings such as screenings of ‘live’ music concerts and sporting events like The World Cup and Olympics. Thus, people will “go to the theatres” for events other than just to see movies. It’s all about offering flexibility of content to audiences and entertaining them with unique viewing experiences.”

“We are very pleased to be part of an exciting project by providing the CineStore Solo play-back server, ” noted Luc Doneux, general manager, EVS Asia-Pacific, “and the proximity of our Hong Kong Office will help us to bring the appropriate response to a customer’s needs. Moreover, our expertise combined with the strength of our international network will be a valuable contribution in helping Singapore develop as a leading global hub in the management and distribution of digital content.”

About Christie

Christie is a global leader in visual solutions for business, entertainment and media used by world-class organizations for diverse applications. Christie’s broad range of display technologies include LCD and DLP™ projectors, networking solutions, digital cinema projectors, 35mm film projectors, rear screen projection modules and cubes, wall display controllers, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulation. Preferred by such pioneering exhibition circuits as Regal CineMedia, Carlton Advertising and Cathay Cineplexes, Christie is leading the charge in visually dynamic, digitally projected content for on-screen advertising and pre-show entertainment. With expertise in professional projection systems since 1979 and film projection dating back to 1929, Christie has over 50,000 projectors installed in over 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit

About EVS

EVS Digital Cinema is a business unit of EVS Broadcast Equipment which designs, develops and markets professional digital equipment for the Radio, Television and Cinema industries. The EVS Group employs more than 175 persons in 7 countries and sells its products to professionals of the sound and video sectors in more than 60 countries.

About Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd

Cathay Cineplexes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SESDAQ listed Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd, was incorporated in November 1998 in an effort to deliver a consistently high quality cinematic experience to movie patrons. Since then, Cathay Cineplexes had won awards such as “Overall Best Screens in Singapore” and “Best Popcorn”. In December 2000, Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd became Singapore’s first cinema operator to achieve the ISO9002 certification. It currently manages 6 screens at Cathay Cineplex Orchard and 10 screens at Cathay Cineplex Causeway Point. By November, Cathay Cineplexes will add on three more screens at Level 4 of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.