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Christie Projects Brilliant Images On Giant Ferris Wheel In Rio De Janeiro

Cypress, CA – (February 5, 2008) – Christie Roadie 25K DLP® projectors are powering a spectacular display of artistic images upon a 100-foot diameter Ferris wheel on Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana Beach.  Known for their high brightness and rugged design, a trio of stacked Roadie projectors deliver a total of 75,000 ANSI lumens to reach the wheel, located more than 154 feet away.  The projectors rest on a 39-foot scaffolding tower constructed to resist the area’s high winds, which can reach up to 80 mph. 
The Christie Roadie 25K projectors feature split-body design and lamp ballast for easy stacking and fast set-up.  They each deliver 25,000 ANSI lumens, HD+ (2048 x 1080) resolution, and 10-bit image processing for the highest quality images. The 118-foot high Ferris wheel holds up to 144 passengers and provides a “canvas” for the images that can be seen from miles away.  The attraction includes two bars at the base of the structure that offer games, dancing and dining. 
The installation was constructed by ON Projecoes (, the largest audio/visual solutions provider in South America. ON Projecoes, with offices in South America and in the U.S., is the only company in Latin America accredited by InfoComm International as a Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP).  The company also won an award for its giant, multi-screen display using 36 Christie projectors at the annual São Paulo Fashion Week, 2005 Winter Edition.
Tieres Tavares, manager of ON Projecoes’ Miami office, noted that the company faced a number of challenges in constructing the display; in particular, erecting a temporary tower that could withstand the strong winds coming in from the bay, while also providing protection from the elements.  He chose Christie projectors because of Christie’s excellent customer support record and the exceptional ruggedness and reliability of its products.
“Because of the location of the installation, it was important that we used quality projectors with a proven track record of performance,” said Tavares.  “Christie projectors have an excellent reputation in the industry for their ease of use, reliability and low maintenance requirements.  Christie also provides us with superior technical support.  Its products are always our first choice for every installation.”
“ON Projecoes is recognized throughout South America as one of the most innovative audio visual display providers in the industry, with the ability to create unique, highly imaginative installations under the most challenging conditions,” noted Gary Fuller, vice president of Christie’s Business Products division.  “We look forward to helping them continue to create stunning, award-winning visual displays that command attention.”
Commissioned by the international beer label, SKOL, the project is entitled “Olhar Redondo” (translated as “look around”) and is a tribute to Rio’s patron saint, Saint Sebastian.  The exhibit runs through February 9, 2008.  The images are from an exhibition created by Marcello Dantas, a graphic designer, documentary director and art director, who gathered videos from talented artists such as Daniela Ferrai, Gisella Motta, Carlos Nader, Leandro Lima, and Paula Fiuza.  
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