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Christie Roadie 25K Lights Up World Expo 2005

Christie Brings “In the Evening at Koi Pond” Visual Extravaganza to Life

IPALS/Singapore – (June 22, 2005) – Christie, a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, is pleased to announce Christie Roadie 25Ks are now being used at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Opened on March 25, 2005, the six-month exposition themed “Nature Wisdom” seeks to act as a showcase for different interactive approaches between mankind and nature.
Apart from the different exciting intercultural events held daily, one of the most spectacular visual extravaganzas is the “In the Evening at Koi Pond” event which transforms the Koi Pond located next to the Expo’s symbolic pavilion – Global House – into a major attraction as the setting for an experimental theater.
Contracted by Japan’s Central Government, through its Milan-based counterpart, Oracle Laser Productions (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a laser-based multi-media entertainment specialist, is appointed for the supply of water screen, laser and video technologies for the “In the Evening at Koi Pond”. In order to make the video elements come alive, the company went in search of a high-brightness visual solution for a 35m-high-by-90m-wide (115ft by 295ft) water screen in the large-audience venue. After surveying the market for the most suitable projector, it decided upon using four Christie Roadie 25K DLP™ projectors.

The Oracle Laser team set up the four Roadie 25K projectors to display the contents from image generators and then cross-linked them to offer a single functioning unit. Housed in three booths – with a centre booth that consists of two vertically-stacked projectors to form an image height of about 21.7m (71ft), the projectors are hard-edge blended to form an image width of 75m (246ft) on the water screen. Placed about 25m (82ft) from the rear of the water screen, the Roadie 25Ks with their built-in ChristieNet™, Christie’s projector management and control solution, allow the engineer to remotely monitor and control them from a central control room.

“The Roadie 25K is a tough, high-performing machine. Though this configuration or design has not yet been tried, I was aware of the potential challenge associated with the set-up of four units in one go. However, with Christie’s strong technical support, the Roadies were quickly conformed to suit our unique environment,” says Big Zull, project director, Oracle Laser Productions (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
“Selected by Presentations Magazine as the best Large Venue Projector for 2004, the Roadie 25K is definitely the ideal choice for any rental staging company looking for a visual solution that offers extreme brightness, high contrast and installation flexibility,” says Desmond Lim, assistant regional manager, High Brightness Portfolio, Christie. “During the World Expo, the Roadie 25Ks are being tried and tested and so far, have proven their performance and ruggedness throughout the daily shows by delivering the brightest, highest quality images.”
Covering an area of approximately 173 hectares (427 acres), the World Expo 2005 Aichi has attracted over a hundred countries, local governments and companies as well as organizations to present their eco-friendly solutions and technologies. The exposition is expected to attract more than 15 million visitors and will officially close on September 25, 2005.

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