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Christie Elevates Taiwanese Moviegoers’ Experience to a New Height With The Republic of China’s Brightest Projection at Lux Theaters

TAIPEI, Taiwan – (April 15, 2013) – Christie®, through its valued partner, Dacoms Technology Co. Ltd., elevated Taiwanese moviegoers’ experience to a new height with the island’s brightest projection at Lux Theaters. The Xanadu in Lux Theaters, one of the biggest screens in Taiwan, uses two Christie CP4230 digital cinema projectors set in a stacked configuration to project a brightness of 68,000 lumens, making it the brightest projection in Taiwan. The Christie dual 4K projection system was successfully installed for the premiere of Faithball on February 26, 2013, a Taiwanese movie based on a true-life account of a baseball team rising from defeat to victory.

Christie CP4230

Located in the heart of Taipei’s most glamorous shopping district of Ximending, the Lux Theaters boast four cinema screens with a total seating capacity of 1,680. The cineplex uses Christie digital cinema projectors throughout, including the Christie CP2000S and Christie CP2210 for two of its screens. For the 814-seat Xanadu Theater, Lux uses the latest Christie dual 4K projection system.

“Since its inception in 1968, Lux Theaters continues to play an instrumental role in the movie industry to become one of the most symbolic cinemas in Taiwan,” said Wayne Chang, president, Lux Theaters. “The revamp of Xanadu in our Lux Theaters marks our commitment to bringing unprecedented audio-visual experience to our loyal movie supporters in Taiwan.” In line with the revamp, Lux Theaters upgraded Xanadu’s screen to a 20-meter by 10-meter digital screen in addition to the installation of the Christie dual 4K projection system.

“Under the Digital Cinema Initiatives, the standard for 2D and 3D projection is set at 14 foot-lamberts (ft-L) and 4.5 ft-L respectively,” said Emily Hong, President, Dacoms. “For the Christie dual 4K projection system installed in Xanadu of Lux Theaters, it’s operating at 7 ft-L brightness at an operational lamp power level of 90 percent. This far exceeds the minimum light level requirement for 3D cinema projection.”

“Being an innovator in digital cinema technology, Christie has been instrumental in transforming the moviegoers’ experience around the globe by accelerating the adoption of revolutionary digital cinema projectors. In Asia Pacific, Hoyts Cinema in Australia and Megabox in South Korea successfully deployed the Christie Duo solutions with our 4K projectors in 2012. In Taiwan, we’re proud to install the first Christie dual 4K projection system. Cinema fans here can look forward to enjoying the depth and extreme quality of the visuals the 4K projection technology delivers,” said Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific.

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