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Christie’s 3D/Virtual Reality Solutions Help Drive Innovation At Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise

One-of-a-Kind Advanced Visualization Facility Opens Doors

CYPRESS, CA - (September 18, 2006) - Christie, a major provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, announced that they have completed the installation and integration for multiple advanced visualization environments for LITE (Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise) – one of the world’s largest and most advanced 3D immersive visualization and supercomputing facilities.

Set to open to the public on September 20th with a ceremony highlighted by keynote presentations from Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, as well as Commissioner of Administration Jerry Luke LeBlanc, LITE is a $27 million, 70,000 square foot complex and is one of the most comprehensive data visualization and supercomputing installations in existence. 

Enabling users to collaborate and interact in real-time with even the most complex of datasets, LITE provides advanced visualization resources for commercial industry, government and research organizations.

A joint effort of the State of Louisiana, the Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA) and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LITE features SGI computer and storage solutions that Christie integrated with a complete fiber optic signal infrastructure and multiple Christie TotalVIEW™ visualization display solutions including:

• TotalVIEW 3D Immersive Environment – one of the world’s few six-sided fully immersive room environments, this custom developed visual cube features 10’x10’ display surfaces including the walls, floor and ceiling.  Powered by the world’s first and most installed DLP® based stereoscopic projection technology, Christie’s Mirage projectors, the sense of presence and data interaction is enhanced by tracking the motions and perspective of the user.
• Immersive Auditorium – the world’s largest immersive theater-like setting boasts 175 seats facing an 11-foot high x 40-foot wide curved screen.  Powered by Christie Mirage projectors, LITE’s Immersive Auditorium can function in active or passive stereoscopic modes.
• Immersive Conference Room – this lecture/presentation environment features a large-scale 3D display system that also features motion tracking.
• Immersive Collaboration Teleconference Room – accommodating an audience of up to 25 people, this system is well suited for varied presentation formats including PowerPoint, videoconferencing and other like applications.

One of the key features of LITE is that it brings local Lafayette businesses unprecedented access to technologies that were previously available only to the world’s largest energy, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing organizations. “LITE is not only a major cornerstone for future growth and economic development in Lafayette and Louisiana, but it will be a major factor on the global stage in terms of its impact,” said Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, executive director and chief scientist at LITE. “LITE is different in that it provides unparalleled team experience and the ability to cater to a wide variety of research projects and applications,” noted Dr. Cruz.

“LITE is a one-of-a-kind facility synonymous with innovation and will provide a wide array of businesses access to cutting-edge visualization and compute technology.  This will enable them to produce better results more efficiently and more economically. Christie is extremely proud to be part of such a complex and important venture, and a participant in fueling economic growth in Louisiana,” said David Fluegeman, vice president of Christie’s Visual Environments group.

About Christie

Christie designs, builds and integrates customized visual solutions to meet the most exacting visual requirements of organizations within energy, military training and simulation, manufacturing and design, pharmaceutical, aerospace, government agencies, and entertainment sectors. Christie sets the benchmark for high performance DLP® projection systems used in advanced visualization as well as simulation and 3D/Virtual Reality environments. Christie solutions are found in major global organizations such as Airbus Industries, Boeing, Canadian Marine Institute, Daimler Chrysler, Fraunhofer Institute, Italian Army, Los Alamos National Laboratories, NASA, Shell, U.S. Air Force and the University of Illinois, Urbana. For more information about Christie and its diverse array of visual environments solutions, visit

About LITE

LITE (Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise) is one of the world’s leading 3D visualization and supercomputing resources serving clients in commercial industry, government, and university sectors.  LITE’s leading-edge research complex features a comprehensive set of advanced visualization systems including the world’s largest 3D theatre and one of the world’s first six-sided digital 3D total immersive space (TIS).   As one of the most tightly integrated installations ever assembled, LITE features a massive supercomputer with 4.1 Terabytes of memory and high-speed networking. The center’s multiple data visualization environments afford organizations – both public and private – access to essential decision-making tools that transforms their process of innovation and accelerates their time to discovery.

LITE is a partnership between the State of Louisiana, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA) for the purpose of economic development.  The partnership is unique in its mission to host state-of-the-art technology to a vast range of user communities. For more information please visit  Media contact: Laurie Dieck, 337-735-1342;

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