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Christie’s Integrated Solutions To Power New High Tech Incubation Park

One of the Largest of Its Kind, the Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise Will Be Anchored by Christie 3D DLP Projection Systems and Silicon Graphics Computing

CYPRESS, CA – (June 20, 2005) – Christie, a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, announced that it will help design, install and integrate what is considered to be one of the largest and most advanced 3D immersive environment facilities in the world, the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE).  Christie will integrate four immersive display systems with the Christie Mirage series of DLP™ projectors and a complete fiber optic signal infrastructure. All systems will be remotely monitored from Christie’s Network Operations Center using ChristieNET™ technology.

LITE will include Silicon Graphics (NYSE:SGI) computer, storage and high speed networking solutions.  It will provide multiple immersive environments for as few as one participant up to workgroups of over a hundred and will be backed by Christie service and support.

LITE is a joint effort of the State of Louisiana, the Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA), and the University at Lafayette.  Scheduled to open in February 2006, it is an $18 million, 61,000-square-foot complex on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The university itself will occupy 5,000 square feet of the new facility as part of its plans to enhance its long established advanced computing research efforts.  The center, featuring a highly integrated concentration of supercomputer-class servers, interactive 3D and other visualization systems, will give start-up Lafayette businesses unprecedented access to technologies that were previously available only to the world’s largest energy, pharmaceutical, and aerospace firms, as well as government agencies and science museums. 

“Technology has created a global economy that makes it imperative for new businesses and research facilities to have access to the latest resources in order to compete successfully and on a grand scale,” notes Gregg Gothreaux, LEDA president.  “LITE will feature one of the most comprehensive installations of immersive technologies in the world, enabling users to collaborate and interact in real-time with even the most complex computer graphics models.  Christie and SGI visualization and computing ingenuity will enable businesses to produce better products and services, faster and more economically, in a stimulating, collaborative environment.”

The facility will be co-named the SGI Center for Innovative Research and Advanced Visualization.  Among its offerings:
• A 10’ x 10’, 3D Immersive visualization cube that is designed, manufactured and installed by Christie.  It features a custom six-sided display driven by a 16-processor Silicon Graphics Prism visualization system with six graphics pipes outputting data onto six Christie Mirage S+4K DLP projectors. The next-generation Christie Mirage series of high-performance DLP projectors offer SXGA+ resolution, high-bandwidth signal processing, built-in video scaling in stereo and edge blending capabilities.
• One of the world’s largest 3D immersive environments – a 174-seat auditorium, facing a curved, Christie-designed screen, powered by three Christie Mirage S+8K DLP projectors using internal ChristieTWIST™ edge-blending and warping technology to create a seamless, 37-foot wide display.  The auditorium will feature a unique, motorized system to give users a choice of active or passive stereo projection.  A full multi-media environment including Digital Cinema quality surround sound makes the auditorium ideal for large-scale presentations, reviews and tutorials.
• An immersive audio/video teleconference room that will allow up to 30 people to collaborate with facilities around the world.  Dual Christie Mirage S+4K DLP projectors, fed by the Silicon Graphics Prism system, will power it. 
• An active-stereo curved screen display for audiences of up to 20 that will feature three Christie Mirage S+4 DLP projectors and be powered by one of the facility’s two Silicon Graphics Prism systems.  Expected to be operational in early summer 2005, it will be the first of the center’s four environments to be completed.
• A complete fiber optic signal extender network will connect the two SGI Prism systems to the four display environments, enabling a rapid and flexible reconfiguration of the visualization resources to match a variety of customer requirements.

LITE administrators plan to deploy its resources through the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI) making it an important resource for businesses and universities throughout North America and around the world.

“LITE combines the latest, most powerful computing and visualization technologies into a seamless immersive environment that promotes innovation and growth among new businesses,” observes Dr. Eng Lim Goh, chief technology officer, SGI.  “SGI and Christie harnessed the same technology that put rovers on Mars and tapped into new sources of energy throughout the world to provide technology solutions that facilitate innovation and economic development. We are proud to play such an important role in helping Louisiana attract new technology and R&D jobs.”

“Cost-effective access to new technology is vital to helping businesses grow,” said David Fluegeman, vice president of Christie’s Visual Environments group.  “We are pleased to be working with SGI to help create one of the most ambitious and innovative visualization complexes in the world.” LITE represents an exciting new deployment of Christie’s broad range of services, technologies and visual solutions.  It highlights Christie’s capabilities to integrate diverse, cutting edge products and multi-display systems on a large, complex scale.” 

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