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High Performance Christie Digital Projectors Illuminate Houses Of Worship

Sharp, Dazzling Images and State-of-the-Art Audio/Visual Lighting Help Churches Broadcast Their Messages

Las Vegas/NAB – (April 16, 2004) – Christie Digital Systems, Inc., a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, continues to expand its markets with the installations of highly customized, integrated projection systems into churches across the United States. Featuring the latest generation of Christie digital projectors, they are helping pastors enhance the impact of their sermons to a more sophisticated, technologically savvy congregation, many whose average age is in their thirties. 

Christie delivers customized, purpose-built solutions to the specific needs of houses of worship, including the full range of brightness, resolution and image-size criteria. 
Among recent installations are the First Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida and the Buckhead Community Church of Atlanta, Georgia.

The First Baptist Church of Orlando, with a rich heritage in the use of leading-edge media for worship, is noted for pioneering the use of large screen projection video to enhance the worship experience.  It has maintained regular Sunday morning broadcasts for the past 20 years on Orlando’s ABC affiliate, WFTV, reaching 500,000 viewers across the country.  Because its large picture windows and bright stage lighting have always presented lighting challenges, the church turned to Florida-based Electric Picture Display Systems for help.  Electric Picture chose the Christie Roadie S12 DLP™ projector to solve its problem.

“Given the size of the sanctuary and the amount of ambient light pouring through the windows, it was important to have a bright, highly-reliable projector that could produce maximum light displacement,” said R.P. Higgins, President of Electric Picture Display Systems of Rockledge, Florida.  “That is why we recommended the Christie Roadie S12 projector.  They have a proven track record of reliability, a simple user interface, and the ability to adjust gray scale and colors to track for broadcast cameras.”

According to church authorities, video projection has become essential in the way the church presents its message to its large congregation of over 10,000 members.  The First Baptist Church uses its system each Sunday during two services to project the words of hymns, provide live camera coverage of services, and display video announcements about church events and activities. The church also hosts a number of other events that take full advantage of the Christie Roadie S12’s reliable performance and crisp, consistent image clarity, such as conferences, concerts and even funerals. 

“Projection is playing a huge role in making our church service better for worship,” said Steve Smith, Media Pastor for the Florida Baptist Church of Orlando.  “The Christie Roadie S12 looks great on camera.  It’s opening up a whole new realm of worship elements and features. With the Christie Roadie projector, we’re now able to deliver testimonials by way of video and video vignettes to the people, grabbing their attention like never before.”

Christie Helps Virtual Congregation Get the Picture
The North Point Church’s contemporary worship style of combining spoken word with rock ‘n’ roll became a popular alternative to traditional worship for a younger generation of its congregation, whose average age is 31.  When their attendance grew to 16,000, church leaders recognized the need to expand.  They set up a virtual ministry in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, Georgia, one of the city’s most affluent and elegant districts, known for its trendy clubs and fine dining.

In order to achieve maximum impact with its taped, high definition (HD) service, the church sought out top-flight projection technology that would display the pastor’s image crisply and realistically while capturing live moments during the service.  They chose the Christie Roadster S9, 3-chip DLP™ projectors, for projecting the pastor’s image onto an 18’ by 22’ main screen. Additionally, in support of the Roadster S9, they installed two Christie Roadster S6’s, which are used to project IMAG from the band, hymnals and support messages on the two side screens on either side of the stage.

“We needed the brightness and contrast of DLP and it had to be a digital signal,” said Aaron Hawthorne, North Point Community Church’s media director. “Of all the choices on the market, Christie was the best.”

“One of the things that makes the taped sermon appear so lifelike is a combination of lighting design in the main room that gives the right depth, the sheer quality of the video itself, and the pristine projection capabilities of the Christie Roadster S9,” said Matt Card, Vice President of Business Development for Clark ProMedia, which installed the system.  “The Christie Roadster S9 makes the image look life-like because it has a sense of three-dimensionality to it.”

“We’re very pleased to be making such an important contribution to the worshiping experience for so many people throughout the country,” said Gary Fuller, Global Product Manager, Rental/Staging at Christie. “Today’s generation of worshippers is very comfortable around all facets of visual technology. In the seven months since opening the remote ministry in Buckhead, the congregation has grown to over 2,500 members.  This clearly demonstrates that digital projection technology is an excellent tool for engaging audiences and effectively communicating the Word of God in today’s more sophisticated culture.” 

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