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Christie Immerses Visitors in Life-Like Virtual Reality With Powerful Christie HoloStation

INFOCOMM CHINA/BEIJING – (April 11, 2013) – Christie®, a global leader in visual display solutions, immerses visitors in life-like virtual reality with its powerful Christie HoloStation™ at InfoComm China 2013, April 10-12.

Leading the innovations at its booth #G1-01 is the Christie HoloStation, a personal visualization system, that displays up to 16.8 Megapixels of data in a 3D stereoscopic and interactive tracked environment in a compact footprint. It is driven by an NVIDIA® Quadro® visualization solution, external graphics processing designed for large-scale 3D visualization. Easy to deploy, the Christie HoloStation is self-contained, affordable and easy to use. It is ideal for applications such as car and aircraft design development and architectural walk-throughs, as well as for use as a 3D virtual trainer.

The HoloStation system allows visitors to fully immerse and interact with the flight controls of a close-to-real-life 3D helicopter cockpit. It applies a WorldViz tracking system to enable the 3D models to change their perspective at the slightest turn of the user’s body, making the virtual reality as close to real-life as possible.

“The Christie HoloStation is a leading-edge visual solution that provides the functionalities of a Christie CAVE, but in a scaled down, innovative personal immersive environment. It’s high-fidelity visualization where you need it,” noted Frank Xiao, general manager, Christie China. “Its compact size makes it easily deployable and can be set up in nearly any cubicle in any facility. It is a perfect solution for bringing visualization to collaborative office spaces, the production floor in factories and in engineering department laboratories.”

The HoloStation system showcased at InfoComm China 2013 is powered by four Christie Mirage WU-L WUXGA DLP® 3D projectors that deliver high resolution and rich pixel density, as well as continuous system calibration, in a small footprint unit capable of advanced 2D-3D visualizations. The Mirage WU-L with RGB LED is the first Mirage Series projector to use solid-state LED illumination, providing precise, lifelike, vibrant colors and consistent performance over an estimated 60,000-hours (approximately 6.5 years) life cycle.

“With the Christie HoloStation, immersive visualization is no longer a complex environment that sits in the laboratory of researchers. In fact, it has become a daily essential tool for companies who require the application of virtual reality to better their products and services,” added Xiao. “We take pride in innovating visual display technology by setting a benchmark for the market. The Christie HoloStation, our latest solution designed specifically for virtual environment applications, clearly illustrates our commitment to bringing cost-effective and flexible products that can fit into any immersive setting.”

Benefits of the Christie HoloStation

  •  High-performance 3D active stereo visualization
  • Powerful, ultra-high resolution display
  • Based on 3-chip DLP® technology - Dual-image processing and full Dual Link DVI-D bandwidth
  • Displays up to 16.8 megapixels of data
  • Bundled with perspective head tracking and interactive tools, so the content reflects the user’s viewpoint
  • No facility modifications required
  • Completely self-contained - just add power
  • A 85" x 108" x 101" footprint
  • Quiet operation and minimal heat generation
  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership.

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