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New Christie LCD Projector A Must-Have In Any Display Fleet

Christie’s LX37 Ideal for Conference Centers, Classrooms and Places of Worship

CYPRESS, CA - (January 27, 2004) – Christie, the trusted name in high performance projection, presents the new Christie LX37, a compact, portable projector in the 1.3” LCD projector class. Combining superior image quality, the latest in progressive scan video decoding and easy out-of-the-box set-up, the LX37 is ideal for fixed installations ranging from conference centers and classrooms to places of worship. The LX37 is available now.

Projecting superior image clarity in sophisticated video and data presentations, the LX37 delivers 3,700 ANSI lumens brightness with native XGA resolution (1024x768) and a contrast ratio of 900:1. The LX37 provides low cost of ownership and affordable brilliance from its long-life 300W NSH lamp.

The 18.5lbs (8.4kg) LX37 is designed for flexible set-up anywhere with a broad range of connectivity options and lenses. The projector’s vertical lens shift and choice of five lenses (a short throw 0.8:1 fixed lens and four zoom lenses including an ultra-long 4.3-6.0:1 lens) project images up to 33ft (10m) diagonal.

Featuring the latest progressive-scan video decoding with automatic 3:2 pull-down, the LX37 projects artifact-free images from a broad range of video formats including HDTV. The pixel-specific, on-board color management system allows the user to adjust color shades independent of tint and contrast when producing the perfect image. To secure against theft and vandalism, the LX37 features software lockout on the keypad or remote control.

The LX37’s digital visual interface (DVI) complies with high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) for playback of encrypted digital video sources.

ChristieNET™, the world’s preferred networking solution, is available for the LX37 to enable monitoring and control of installed projectors from anywhere in the world, on any network.

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Christie is a leader in visual solutions for business, entertainment and media used by world-class organizations for diverse applications. Christie’s broad range of display technologies include LCD and DLP™ projectors, networking solutions, rear screen projection modules and cubes, wall display controllers, digital cinema projectors, 35mm film projectors, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulation. With expertise in professional projection systems since 1979 and film projection dating back to 1929, Christie has over 50,000 projectors installed in over 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit