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New Christie MASTERsuite™ 4.0 Display Wall Management Software: Next-Generation Upgrade For Christie’s Display Wall Controllers

INFOCOMM/LAS VEGAS, NV – (June 8, 2005) – Christie, a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, has introduced the Christie MASTERSuite™ 4.0 software upgrade for its FRC series of display wall controllers. Composed of two main components, MediaManager™ and WallManager™, the Christie MASTERSuite 4.0 upgrade offers a powerful, next-generation graphical user interface (GUI) and format which significantly simplifies the setup, management and monitoring of content displayed on multi-screen display walls typically utilized in control room environments.

The MediaManager component of Christie’s MASTERSuite 4.0 provides an intuitive interface for displaying and managing all media sources channeled through Christie’s FRC series tiled display wall controller.  The WallManager component provides networked users with multiple levels of remote wall monitoring and control capability.  The software’s new web-based architecture allows for easy access, control and live monitoring of the entire display wall (in full color) via standard web browsers on Windows, UNIX, Linux or Macintosh-based client workstations.  An unlimited number of client workstations may be connected, any of which can be located in the control room itself or in another city or country.

In control rooms it is typical that several preset wall layouts (or scenarios), each containing specific media and application content, are available for scheduled or manual activation.  WallManager handles this with ease and precision, and provides several alternatives for scenario activation.  For instance, the new QuickLaunchTM feature allows scenarios to be quickly activated or launched from a simple “favorites” panel that can be displayed on multiple workstation monitors or touch screens.
As well as providing an impressive list of content management features and capabilities, Christie’s MASTERSuite 4.0 includes additional benefits such as remote interactive application control, automatic content capture and storage, control and health monitoring of Christie projectors, control of third-party hardware devices, flexible security control and multi-language support.  In addition, an extensive Application Program Interface (API) enables third-party users and developers to create and customize MASTERSuite 4.0 to suit their specific requirements.  The API also enables the software to be tightly integrated with other software and systems.

“Versatile and powerful tiled wall display systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s highly complex control room environments,” noted Jim Gavloski, Christie’s Director of Product Management, Control Room and Videowall Solutions.  “The Christie MASTERSuite 4.0 wall management software combines flexibility and power to ensure maximum visual efficiency and impact.”

The new Christie MASTERSuite 4.0 can be seen in action at Infocomm 2005 at Christie’s Booth #235.

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